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proactive absorbed within the aura underwater. Suddenly, a move Ni Wan, flying four beads come in from Hulu Kou. It Zhen Fang from the four beads on a cash cow, do not know what is the origin. I saw at this time to stop at the top of the pool four beads. Zhen Fang visible character asks numerous gas saw beads, as if the same as Ruyan cast pregnant, have beads wrapped around them. Zhen Fang heart of a dynamic, dark thought and said: '? Could it be from the original four beads out not underwater.' Do not know how long, Zhen Fang's eyes firmly fixed on the four beads, beads and saw that the four color from deep fades, and very wonderful trend color, white, and color of the lake exactly the same. Finally, a glow fogs out direct Sky, may reflect the entire underwater are white. Zhen Fang surprise, looked across the sky suspended five milky white beads, and quickly caught the leaders down. Even when you had to get the red gourd, and the scene was not so spectacular. Zhen Fang apparently feel just that light has to break underwater ban on direct air, maybe this time the whole planet knows that there is nothing strange places. Zhen Fang touched four beads, an enormous clump palms incoming Zifu aura among the soul a shudder. Dark thought: 'This is what the baby actually have so much power and influence.' Moment also gave a lot, immediately hunkered pools among the soul suddenly went into a four beads being. Zhen Fang just feel like being in a milky white world, a sudden 'boom' a loud noise, a fellow standing overhead, armed with a two-edged ax hacking constantly. 'Beginning of the world?' Zhen Fang a move, immediately know what this is from the story, but he does not understand is that this has anything to do with the eyes that were treasures. It took quite a while, like a thousand or more years, as a huge body finally fell, it became a situation gasification, the sound of thunder and turned it into the left eye and turned it into the sun, the moon and turned right, into its limbs the East and West of the Quartet, moment, it was the skull pearls, giant camel arms and legs are shining carnage. Above Guru, suddenly heard a roar, a thunderbolt from heaven. The devastating force of an attack on the statue Chi, Wu family left vein shocked the congregation, have exclaimed. Good strong Presbyterian somber, waved backwards. Eyes are glued to the TV drama Chi remains. Sound big ring, fleet over the mound, suddenly cracked a huge hole in the ground, as if the earth from the crack in general. That lying land Chi JianPoints torso suddenly stood up, head flew through the air, carefully twisted twisted pair bovine boss suddenly wide open, shot two red years, according to a given crowd, Xuepentaikou. Suddenly Zhang's boss, actually spit voice: 'You have come, I waited a long time y'all come on witch I walk out of the family also.!.' Then I saw a pair of hands and feet have to fly up, situ recovery, only a torso body Shuzhang big empty hole, head and other limbs that are recovered in situ, actually walked up to march. Very strange scene. Less than a moment fell into that huge hole to go. Di Jiang, who looked a strong Presbyterian good. Strong good elders shook his head, his brow is wrinkled to deep. After a few moments. Suddenly the earth rumbling sound is the Lord of the Wu family human looking shocked, the elders have good strong look toward the past, the elders look good strong fleet of lighted up, looked toward the front in the past. Upon seeing the crowd, also looked in the past, all of a sudden there came a voice exclaimed, all eyes are fixed on the wearer, and no signs of rotation. Stern had a small mound at the time but slowly towards the four points of the open, as if controlled by the same authority. It emerged between the moment a radius of a few miles to the Great Lakes, over the Great Lakes, there is a golden shadow on it, glittering, there are a few stars fighting sparkling shine void; under gold, but it is a sea of ​​blood, being boiling bloody bubbles coming out, rolling on, continue to impact on the TV drama