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curse:. 'Thief dead hair, blame you just put my order in all meridians upset' Exhibition space flight angrily: 'You son of a bitch is not buried in a pile of shrapnel in my body.' Puff or two, Flying Guanxiong into the room, the promise is far and exhibition space at the same time to fly down. They have not been hit hard, the knife immediately turned into warmth through the body into the room, locked by their odd Bai Hai, all the people in the field, in addition to Liu Ji and Luo Feile day, but all suffer impartially Flying a note. Li Tuo like wolf like proudly smiles: 'I'll fall upon them, and see the little princess can give me what temptation of conditions.' He turned and shouted: 'Yang Lie, come.' Yang Lie bowed his head and walked over, Li Tuo proud authentic: 'as a teacher to teach you, want a woman, the first woman to be stronger than that if you are weaker than she did not get her qualifications..' He also showed the hands of a two-edged knife, looking at the tip and said: 'Second, is to indeed get her once, just to get her first, her life will remember you repeatedly, as long as she remembers repeatedly You finally she does not know exactly remember you, or love you. ' Liu Ji face the same day, smile and said:. 'Mountain of God, or so pragmatic' Rio Lee smiled and said:. 'I differ with you, every generation will be split into numerous commitments, had to force myself to devour their own recovery, even their own people are willing to kill and eat, have pragmatic' He stretched Shouyi Zhao, will sucked onto in the past, grinning and said:. 'For the division promise you things that have been easily do it all, you can take her first city to go.' Hear 'city' word, Luo Feile sudden body chills, warble: '? Yang Lie, the day the wall betray you gave him.' Rio Lee smiled and said:. 'No, he just helped me clean up those who do not listen, how to manipulate the day the wall is only a good partner you know.' Luo Feile angry biteTeeth: 'The dead fat!' Liu fat betray them so much of her anger, and my what sinister origins of the name there? 'With that five people together lifted the mask, through the names of their origin. Iraq Business listening, two eyebrows a pick up, just to the speaker. Coincided with two black Xiaoxia and three children, divided city with a bamboo pole to Mr. Zhao, five people came to pick up like zombies in general. This five per capita human point of eating mud dumb Xue, two Xiaoxia only to provoke everyone straight down the middle belt, was not tied. Just put underground, mud human greet the past, each person to beat up, all awoke. Iraq Business met five people, are not rising anger, Huo's a low body, the blades on the ground that the Houbei uprooted, should be cut on the go, Hu squinting his eyes and smiled to the crowd and said: 'This five Villains Qindao not me personally, I have been bothered at this time and this group of pigs and dogs answer, still bother you for their own food, some want to say good-bye in Iraq! 'He finished the knife to the neck of the next cross, then the line himself. Gan with his right hand clenched see Iraq Business shank, toolholder internal carotid, blood fly out chug along the edge, Xiongjing sudden anger, his face Li gas, corpses uphold does not fall, the first snapped:! 'Iraq these younger brother pigs and dogs were never hard to survive, I let him die in front of you good! 'Then, jump to the top five personal, hand grasping it. Mr. Zhao city was mud human point down for a while, woke numbness, met with the Iraqi people and providers, surprised and ashamed, knowing escape justice, selfishness still think in case of positive multiply Iraq Business Suicide occasion, and accomplices wink, so branching away, one is an escape. Unexpectedly, see Gan with the tragic death of Iraqi trader, helpless, heart anger ashamed, Henji several culprit. Mr. Zhao city would like Didi, only a face to face, he was willing to chop off the same trick with heavy arms, grabbed his left hand to his chest, fingers and even clothes immediately deeply embedded in the flesh, like the fire hose, high speed spouting blood sprayed to ten meters in front of him again and again Sloek being sneered at the front, but was a box-shaped shield that ripple adder issued dyed red. That ripple still kept creeping, like a shroud entire humanoid blood composition in general, a Unit of blood from the shroud wall slowly shed, covered with a layer, but also into a Unit of the red river, drops falling from the bottom cover ...... 'Bang!' Bang, Jester nearly ten-meter-high giant body that is torn apart, will startle the soul Lisa want out, fortunately, it's just that he's fit to be broken up only the skills, he has returned to normal human size, the body is no variation after those claws. Spectral Essence strange bird crow who actually is bleak at this time, without the previous Smart, whole looks dejected, no spirit come. At this point it is called a few times after it body. Lisa Jester from behind eagerly rushed to the side, holding Jester stained with the blood of the body, tears sounded to call with: '!! ...... Jester Jester' When she shook a few Jester after it found that his hand had been caught ...... is Jester. 'Li ...... Shakespeare! Ahem ......' is called weakly Jester Lisa soon after being ejected blood choked. Lisa scared Huarong pale, quickly remove the top grade feed on the immortality of a few treatments with him to eat. After 'No ...... do ......' Lisa Jester hand blocked, difficult authentic:! 'Lisa ............ ...... cough cough, do not waste ...... ...... Huang brother to you to practice with the top grade immortality ......, I'm fine ...... ' Lisa tears whirling exclaimed: 'Do not do what Lisa Jester ............!Listen, a bad old man, the older girls are not brothers, but also Chun Chun ah ...... ' Li Kewei heads thrown EXTRAORDINARY SPLENDOUR, said: 'Ji Brother, can know that they come from?' Ji Chong said: 'I heard that the customs, you think, off savage alien who is not rude ......' Li Kewei heard him finish, say 'thank you' and walked away. Ji Chong was shocked,