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balance, fell heavily in the mud. Finally, a towering figure rushed into the gray building, in front of the guards stopped the shadows shouted: 'Here is the municipal building ......' Scream, the guard has been the heart of the shadows dig out, flaccid paralysis down. The hands of the heart to get rid of the shadows, into a rise in the elevator, after a short wait, the elevator stopped at the thirteenth floor. Shadows scratching and scrambling into the 13th floor of a large room, sitting in leather chair in front of which people mad cried:! '4 of spades, that guy in the end is what people who we are He Kill it! Kill it! ' Sitting in the leather chair people turnThe body, is a middle-aged man and face-chee, slowly:. 'There are 20% of the possible, is [Independence Day] Du wind successor.' Haide shadow play straight legs shaking, screaming: '? There are 80 percent of it.' 'There are probably 80 percent, he is himself [Independence Day] Du wind.' A soft shadow legs collapsed to the ground, howling: 'Then you do not notice the fast Li Han adults, Lee Han adults visit ......' Middle-aged man staring at the shadows and said: 'how you escaped.' Shadows smirking proudly said: 'Because I'm smart enough.' From the beginning he did not participate in the fighting, when you see Du wind slaughter immediately escaped from the back door. A fantastic 'all' sound filled the entire room, I feel bad shadows bow anxious look, only to find that their heart is crazy ups and downs, has shriveled chest down, blood surrounding tissue to the heart of all the hits, showing one continuous retrograde color digital --10,9,8 ...... 'Boom' sound, a bottle of shower of blood mixed with fire in the middle of the room lights, shadows blown up. Seat also carrying a rise in the ranks of middle-aged man, middle-aged man looking pale, got up and walked to the window. In the last one, 'empty' since that time managed to escape, Du Feng has in his body mysteriously to 'refining' out of the suicide bombers. The fire broke through the night soul, shoot tear up. Bing Bing God's pledge covering the Guang, Li's body gone into a half, at this moment, the animal soul of God, God suddenly roar up the air, mouth spit out Guang soul, and slowly spit out a Shank green trace Danhong sword. Sweetness Shang Fang sword! Sweetness Shang Fang Jian bevel cut down from the sky, look Jiang Bing Bing God split in half, Li's body was spun off, he grabs Sweetness Shang Fang Jian, facing the soldiers of God to go down the middle of a jianpi. The sky was still dark side of the sword Surely the day is like the sunset, soldiers of God only to feel the sky filled with blood in it and burn your own soul, Li finally with an ancient Chinese art of sword soul of ancient legend. Sword soul - Azolla! Soldiers of God shining in the eyes of a strange look, he folded the art of war continue to retreat backwards, slowing Guang sword soul threatened by the wind knocked out of armor arrow Guang God has barely stand up. The sky appeared numerous invisible eyes, the pupil of the eye map, there is still a reflection of Guang hand side of the sword. Guang just do not know if this is the antimatter cannon like imaging, struggling to burst into the armor of God like antimatter cohesion among the Treasure of the Sierra Shang Fang sword flashing, soaring blood Yang Qi, in contact with antimatter Guang has not disappeared, but a miracle will be cut in half an antimatter cannon. God beast's body disappeared, appeared in the sky flying phoenix flames, wings to show wrap Guang. Guang sword still embedded in the antimatter cannon, he waved one hand iron bow, bow to show, from the Phoenix broke into two parts. Phoenix has become split in two on the serpentWrong, Zhao win six refers to children who control people's tools, I can go there it tender? I'm less than a strong WHORES go there, just wanted to install does not work, ah, I did people excited, got a bad heart, because now I was lying in bed with you, I willingly, even a little hope, a little begging This skin, is the most touching