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kindness, Shumou'd like to try it themselves powerful degree.'Exalted anxious Miller said: 'Heroes do not underestimate its power too, decrepit at best, can only resist roar to fourth, after the repair is still heroes in their own right with proposition to martial arts words, is big Man highest, shall suffer more severe, our hopes on the heroes who will fight until death decrepit, support heroes protect this magic sound ...... 'Yu Shi Yuan said: 'How can the Blue Meng from its camera?'Miller on humanity: 'Of course there is aversion demons eight roar of the law, but this only applied to people in the know, the blue Meng Duron was granted, can not suffer ......' Yuan said: 'I still believe in demons roar with eight human being who resisted, only Sri Lanka when everyone is desperately hard by the sound of anti-intrusion magic, no time to attend a Blue Shi Meng opportunity killer, is the most danger of One thing! So I had to pay attention to his actions, to ensure everyone's safety! 'Blue Meng haha ​​a chuckle: ' yuan how you know!?' Yuan said: 'The truth is too simple, you do not trust Duron, why avoidance of the law would be willing to tell you, if not have use of your office, and he will certainly be included in the facilities you count objects?!'Blue Meng grunted: 'I tell you smart, but to protect themselves when you have a problem, as well as spiritual avatar to monitor my actions do the abacus can be unpleasant to you?!'Yu Shi Yuan laughed:Something, how to contact? ' Zhen Fang nodded, smiled and said:.! 'Worthy sons brought in, does have a few brushes, it appears to me this good fortune were a pulse, is also a descendant of the worth mentioning if really lost, I went to the West Duo Duo, each across the month I will contact you again. This way, you do not miss the repair industry. ' 'Brother, brother, what are you who speak.' A delicate voice over. Then a woman, dressed in samurai clothing pushed open the door and enter. To know but Zhao Zhen Fang Han. It looked Zhao Han Zhen Fang thought for a gold pagoda party head, brainEmerged huge colorful brilliance, standing on top of the clouds, like a statue of god, or another Buddha in general. Under the clouds, thanks to countless aquarium above the waves, until the clouds away, had just dropped out of the waves, the Dongting Lake was quiet again. Zhen Fang see away from the Dongting Lake, just down the town of demon tower. These days, all day, or the top of a merit gold, or red gourd, leaving him all day in fear, but also because of this, to merit the use of gold also explore out a lot. For example, the original statue town demon tower, but ten Zhen Fang readily refining guy, and later joined the merit of gold, the town demon tower actually turned golden brown, and Tota Lee King can really have some fight. Zhen Fang also obviously felt the power of the town of demon tower is a lot stronger than before, at least, hanging over his head, you can also block some common attack. After all, gold is the blessing of the merit of the guy, but also a certain number of scary magic defense. Certainly better than not red gourd, even physical attack to defense can. But this was very pleased Zhen Fang, an energy evolution magic, promising ah! Zhen Fang cloud on the starry sweep of the sweep, watch a little direction, flying toward the River City. Although he did not care about the possibility of being expelled from school, but stay in school, to be a very pleasant thing. 'Hey! Good strong murderous ah!' Orange cloud faster than Red Cloud, despite Zhen Fang stage or in a fog cloud of orange, but orange mist nor red clouds can be compared, less than half an hour, then River City rushed over from the Dongting Lake, advancing faster than the Red Cloud. Staring Qingliangshan villa not far, a murderous looming, Zhen Fang frowned. For a variety of flavor to the sensitive Zhen Fang than the general comprehension, Who word cloud with everything he does? Even amassed Reiki FIGHTING leaves just gather cloud array. 'Who?' Zao in the end is a martial arts person, it sounds to at Only spiritual eyes can see that unreal figure, seems to be a kind soul material, attached to the Schindler's body, is encouraging and said:. 'Schindler, the best you can.' Schindler shake smile:. 'I did not do my best.' Small Schindler expressionless guarded camps, numerous cloned from puppet who is peeling off small Schindler watched them into the camp, his face also continue to grow, and soon came to the youth. Then he became a middle-aged to look like. 'Dead list' of power, it seems constantly devouring him to life. Puppet forces were sharply curtailed. A. Two. Three. Four. Five. Five between the protoss is already a considerable gap. In addition, like the puppet master of this crazy and peek into the battle, fighting basically impossible in five protoss difference occurs between the weak side is automatically retracted strong, strange small areas Schindler's really quite frightening, Suddenly puppet strength has been reduced to the same level and Dutian Ze. Schindler to the body, but a failure. Life as a convertible instrument to cut each other's strength, due to the strength in each other's weak and dying, and he is also facing the threat of death. The deceased have switched. This is terrible.List of the dead! He does not seem to give up the meaning of gray hair has become elderly. Dutian Ze Lei suddenly blow up a silver notes, notes hit the camp gate, immediately caused a large explosion, the puppet master to spare after another to escape from the camp. Small Schindler fell down, his face became a child again to restore the appearance, but the body began to rapidly decline. Silverwing light angel hugged him, a pair of wings, the overflow from the infinite life force. Passed to Schindler, countless branches of the tree of life similar to constitute the skeleton of the wings, life once again blossoming from Schindler's body. She shook violently Schindler, Schindler just strong open eyes, pointing said:. 'You need his power.' Schindler old soul upset and said:. 'Soul Calibur who you owe me