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she came to me to do what? 'Gu Zhihua say, Li Qinmei thought the other hand, heart and said:' Yes, Lisheng Nan and Meng Shentong grudges, before she hated sister valley, the valley is about my sister but because of the exigencies Meng Shentong daughter, now dead Meng Shentong and wanted her sister will not find the trouble Valley. 'She was afraid to mention this matter, it will´╗┐Gu Zhihua embarrassed, they turn to change the subject, said:. '.. Gu sister, congratulations you have to take over the head, but I can not come to the ceremony of one hundred small token Cunxin little gift to you, hope you are satisfied that the sun' He finished out of a box, and then said: 'There is a Tianshan snow lotus, you leave it for a rainy day.' Gu Zhihua see her affection set design, had suffered a moment while the other two wine tears. So, now her father is dead, although sometimes inevitable by stimulation, but things have been in the past, like the haze cleared, emerged the clear sky, but she was therefore made up his mind, to revive the prestige of the door, a good father atonement. On the other hand, she has determined not to marry for life, love scars, while still on, but not like the previous confusion. Yizhong Mu such as a public one day with the door to see her better day, gradually perk up, also secretly happy, head too deep celebrate who has been a resurgence of Mangshan sent home. Instant after March Yizhong Mu choose the Mid-Autumn Festival this August 15, inaugurated as the new head of the good old days. Send invitations in advance over the factions head, some parents come, not toward the past, also sent someone to come to congratulate. Mangshan beaming on this day, the new head of the pick Ren Dadian was held on time, be told on three generations after the head of the Patriarch, the ceremony is complete, exactly noon. Then the ceremony is the messenger of the factions accept congratulations. He is sound Yinger among the Mangshan send as Zhi Ke Sheng Lin suddenly came disciple reports: 'Outside there is a black I'll kill you so you can be less a mortal enemy, but the total catch Zhili not post vacant for too long, every two days I did not have a sworn enemy, is not it?'Compass Tan said: 'It is also true, though you live in a large desert´╗┐, Known as the 'Desert Dragon', but the capture of 'Desert Dragon' mission will always fall on the shoulders of Zhili total catch, because Zhili total catch is the world's best to eat rice official, told the court in the eyes of the most Zhili Governor important for the same reason, I have a few disciples, has been acting as my deputy, I was going to die in your hands, one is of course the Zhili total catch them, you want to also add a personal grudge than official business, they will miss you? 'Mr Yam said: 'So I killed you did not use a tan Compass, vain provoke endless retribution hatred, I do not kill you, but I want you to know, I am not not kill you ......'I have to go, you give me a ride. 'He stood up and took Tan Compass.Compass Tan said: 'Futian Hao, how far you get out.'Mr Yam said: 'You would not mistake what I mean, so I let you give me a ride, it's just I do not want more hurt, not afraid that I could not walk.'Compass Tan said: 'I think as long as you put to me, you will never get out of this place.'Ren indifferent smile, said: '! Tan Compass, do not shock me, I do not have that courage blood of every man, not easily sword, and go,' he was going to turn around.Suddenly the blind man cold, said: 'Futian Hao, what you called a hero.'Ren shook his head slightly and said: 'Futian Hao dare call themselves a hero, a hero of the non-word too easily, and ruthless enemy Yong aggressive people, this is not a hero, with Daren, wisdom, Dayong considered a true hero!'That lame hum sneered:. 'Unexpected 'Desert Dragon' is such a coward cowardice of the total seats, no later then shut alien, and to deal with people beneath your identity.'Like the fact that he did not hear, like, pulling Tan Compass turned to four residues suddenly approaching a few steps.At this time, there have been highest level, at least they have three years of effort, is not easy to crash and Xiepai internal strength, although Meng Shentong therefore know authentic internal organs Heart from the tips, but only three years, Hugh says he no patience, that is considered willing to practice, it is difficult feedstocks, but he used to talk about, but it is eloquent, endless. Tang Xiaolan nodded and said: 'Mr. Meng pointed out, is the lack of local children, clothes.' Meng Shentong said: 'Please do not hesitate Don head.' Tang Xiaolan said: 'In my opinion, Lingtu of internal strength, seems to be too much focus on cutting pulp scouring effort, handed a surplus, less benevolent. 'Tang Xiaolan just relying on their own martial arts training to comment on each other's powers, right Meng Shentong less subtlety, but it is also regarded as holding the itches, Meng Shentong heart also secretly admire, and nodded. According to Meng Shentong will talk through the day Don Tianshan sword, then you want to know Joe defeated North sea at Zhang Danfeng sword, which he concentrated hard study on a desert island for decades, the opposition is Zhang Danfeng, Tianshan Zhang Danfeng's sword is too while pointing record, although not the same, but after two hundred years of Tianshan Pai luminaries gain has been much richer content, but in the end with Zhang Danfeng sword, or belong to the same genre. But hear Meng Shentong flight, unthinkingly Jingsi channels like the letter I, the breath after day put the sword in Tang said flaws as much as thirteen, again followed his sword in subtlety say eleven, can not help but hear Don stunned by day, secretly admire. Meng Shentong paused, levy micro smile, then said: 'Although your son swordsmanship thirteen flaws, but there is also the end of the nine flaws of their own home exigencies trained, really belongs Guipai swordsmanship shortcomings, but it is only four in the world blame home among factions of swordsmanship, but also the number of Guipai first! 'Tang Xiaolan listened to his praise. My heart is