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there is no lack of genius strategist and a shrewd businessman, but Du wind intuition, like a prophetic books in general, often they think they can plan perfect discovered vulnerabilities. Du wind calm judgment, they responded with unconditional trust. Heaven, earth, man! In the ancient martial techniques, many involved with school of feng shui, close to the legendary magic Xianjia techniques, cast out of three together Chuansong Zhen] [three pole is one of them, be able to transfer to distant body into gaseous . Enough wind strength and Du teamed expand this matrix method, but also the absolute leader in ancient weapons. Once upon a hole in Chad born mutation, a colorful colorful Hongqiao unearthed from the hole, a few black silhouette, walking slowly down from the Hongqiao and wanted to be the legendary fairy. Top three ancient weapons jointly cast out of the matrix method, but also by some mysterious force interference, do not expand. Mysterious black hole in the dim light shining, Heaven, Earth, the three characters seem to be attractive to just hold over the invisible, always suspended in the air can not fall to the ground. Three hands of phosgene thicker, characters in the role of double strength, pulled into long strips, and finally 'boom' sound apart. Du wind looked up to heaven, only a dark eyes, he Leng Heng, eyes in the SG Baoshe, started only seven-star and above in order to use ancient weapons [Depending listen]. Days, as was listening to strengthen the eyesight hundredfold penetrated hole, Du wind faintly see there is a giant black hole left hand is welling up, disrupting the airflow underneath. Du wind waving his left hand, has been hanging in the dark night sky lightning once brightly lit, together with more than lightning Daoqi blazing toward the black hole giant chopping off hands. Black hole screaming, giant hand disappeared into the night sky, actually began pouring down a shower of blood, air someone growled: '! Force this guy can actually penetrate Once upon a time.' Hongqiao all but since World War Gods, Kongxuan clear understanding gap between themselves and the saints, but unfortunately the West Although known as Peacock Yamashina Buddha, but is actually a Western thugs only, and is quasi-mentioned Taoist to control his Daoxing arcane, and on the same gods Gods, own Daoxing did not progress to the later, even the Monkey King also have come from behind to beat myself a. This time, he was no longer afraid to look down upon the saint supernatural powers. Now people can see clearly his own body, to better see the quasi-mentioned Taoist Shimoji ban in his body, strength must be above the quasi-mentioned, there is this strength, is certainly a saint, Kongxuan naturally not neglect. Zhen Fang waved, smiled and said: 'Now amulet has not yet started, these saints Jun purpose shall Hongjun, who dare to walk out of my nature is not a saint, but can also be affected by your worship, Oh, that accurate. mention really have the guts to let you out. also, even if you Daoxing bannedFor a long time. 'Bashan said:' matchless male side of the lack of strength, they are trying to defend. 'Baili Chao said:' That giant Quanjin good fierce ah! 'Little beggar said:' His internal organs called 'million-force', the younger generation of the few rivals. 'Just at that moment, he heard the Secretary mate sighed loudly:' Ho, our private affairs uncles who might be forgiven, as long as the big brother there on the right to cancel the marriage. Now you are not allowed to help with the door, which made the door rules in Article sin. Once the matter uncles know, we were both going to die, you can not be too stubborn. 'Just listen to Chen Sheng Long Liberating:. 'You had to put it nicely, you still love such as Big Brother, you go to help a person, I do not want to be rescued, he came to me afterwards Well, they obviously this is to check We illnesses, 'Secretary mate apparently had gas, the sound is a little, Jiao Chen said:' You do not believe me, 'Long Liberating sneered:'? Big Brother died, I was assured, ' will cut Shendao tightly wrapped. Du wind still clutched the knife, he would never give up their love knife. But this way, he cited thatHowe's speed advantage would be gone. Push the cut nails Shendao progresses, Body Gangqi constantly being torn away from Du wind blade face has close proximity. The old man lifted the wrist, appeared on countless new bifurcation nails against Du wind chop to the face, the wind is already seeing Du no retreat. The distance between the two is too close, so that the wind can already Du corpse smell rancid flavor to the old man's mouth issued. Du winds mouth, what seems to be trying to say. Old man fiercely authentic: 'If you want mercy, too late!' Fees cowered hiding the most distant, masked girl standing beside fee, coldly watching and did not want the war meant. However, after the old man spit ruthless, masked girl eyebrows all at once, and immediately cover your own ears. Fees also feel a hemp ear, masked girl shut the 'hearing' on the ear hole, he suddenly can not hear anything. Loss of hearing in this Yisha fee, Du wind mouth, broke a cry like a lion roaring thunder roar! An explosive burst out from Du wind infuriating him, at least in the six-star rating or higher. In the face of the fat woman, Elsie wind broke over this move in order to make up for lack of power and influence infuriating [Idiom]. The use of cross-Star ancient martial art, lion roar of the role of time and even less than a second. Sonic power consumption will be severe in the air, the wind was from ten meters Du fat woman, enjoy the lion's roar is already discounted, or nearly shook the brain rupture and die. Today's manipulation of dead air old, from Du wind can be said to close, the power of Idiom is played to the head. Four-star evil spirits had broken the old man's hard to cut a five-star Body dead air, but his blast at close range [Idiom], supplemented by four-star power and influence of evil spirits lion immediate power surge, beyond the six-star moment . Body armor old man dead air is can understand his own shortcomings, immediately understand the remedy, so Quanfeng a turn, but automatically sights up.A trick pick a trick, quick punches, but left the room backwards, as long as the other party to prepare a little defense, he had another trick up Buddhism motivated.Fist hair such as rivers sea, ups and downs, the myriad changes, Quanfeng the magnificent waves, between endless moment has been a disadvantage into advantage.Watching most people moved, the sky wind especially proud.The strange thing is the same for the other three people have indifferently, as if the fate of the ancient mine nothing to do with the outcome they like.Especially that two hibiscus swordsman, was calm as two stone, spectators eyes closed for a moment just to rest up.This situation makes the sky the wind was somewhat disappointed, could not help but ask: 'Zhuo adults, it seems that few people seem to you quite harmonious.Zhuo days smiled and said: 'How can we say it?'Skylight cooled laughed: 'The situation is very clear why should I say more..'Zhuoshao Fu laughed a little and said: 'Mrs. originallyOld teacher of mine said that we do not care for, can be seen in the case of Mrs. officialdom do not understand. 'Yun Tianfeng slight bit angry authentic: 'Bureaucrats situation is like?'Zhuoshao Fu laughed: 'Only the official honor in itself, excluding other, Ray ancient teacher wins his glory, it can not defeat the collapse of Taiwan people, and perhaps someone else the opportunity to steal the show ......'Yun Tianfeng despised authentic: 'What is this nonsense ......'Zhuoshao Fu laughed: 'This is the truth, it is generally reluctant to enter the arena of martial official body effect ......'Yun Tianfeng grunted: 'So you ......'Zhuoshao Fu once said: 'Xiaguan Zanying clans, born official human, as these three teachers to take their ideas to carry forward their own martial art, of course, wealth and power, but also appealing a reason.'Yun Tianfeng defense said: '? Relying on technology RenXia, excursion Quartet, the body of