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just after noon ......'Ms. Bai said: 'I'm afraid because of trouble just human life.'Ms. Bai said: 'People do not care about the rivers and lakes, this is the edge that they had licked the blood of his career, buried a dead end road ditch ditch dead buried, to care about this he had the legs Kenshin would not go up.'Ren was silent for a moment and said: 'I have been to a lot of places, seen a lot of itinerant character, most of them are involuntarily forced to go Kenshin leg, had to go leg Kenshin is a last resort, a day into the rivers and lakes, it is difficult to think of the legs prohibitively their hands, so it was that good men would not join the political arena. 'Ms. Bai said: 'You are saying ...... who entered the arena is not good?'Ren shook his head and said: 'This sentence is not what it means, I do not dare say such a thing, this sentence means is that everyone is reluctant to take the leg Kenshin ......'Mr Yam said: 'Lady on the rivers and lakes have considerable understanding.'White Lady shallow smiled and said: 'Come with you as more than a place to go, to see more naturally, officialdom late husband was a human, withHe walked a lot of places, rivers and lakes have come across a lot of people, they are bold, especially arrest without beam, looks very enviable, in fact, they have their own reasons, not to mention their own at all times bear risks, in the eyes of local administrative officials, they are called scum, outlaws, commit crimes do not have to say, is that Ren Xia disabilities, but also broke the rule by force, it is difficult to officials of the content. 'Zhang Mei Ren two moving a bit, he did not say, just say such a sentence:. 'Lady put it'White Lady looked at him and said: 'They do not say, took the last car in prison for the man now!'Ren eyes of a condensate, said: 'how, in the last car of the individual prisoners?'Mrs. White said:? 'Ren Ren did not know what it is no wonder I do not know, so your car in front of you, I do not know the original, or accidentally saw, I heard the man subtraction Fahao monk' Meng Shentong startled hesitated and cried: '!. So you're subtraction monk, strange way, I did not recognize that we really have been known for a long time.' The original monk since subtraction due to the death of his master, he disappeared in the political arena, he could not find Meng Shentong looking. Subtraction monk said: 'You are quite right, we have known for a long time, I would want to find you, I give you today sent a thick gift package you a joy to see.!' Gift giver who boast, that is considered among the bohemian itinerant character, is rare things. Meng Shentong heart: '? Let us see what he sent Could also gave me better than Ji Xiaofeng, Lv Siniang handwritten Shaoyang magic?' See, however, previously filed subtraction monk resting on the floor of that big bag, prosperous look tear open, 'Botong' sound, a man fell out, turned out to be a girl. Monk parallel subtraction means a stamp, a maiden fight on the ground, 'carp play very' jumped. Swore and said: 'Tulv, I am with you no injustice Wu Chou, why do you insult me?' Chechu sword, they want desperately monks and subtraction, subtraction monk smiled and said: 'You look across from you is what people? 'The maiden a glimpse Meng Shentong like to see ghosts, screamed, subtraction monk while she was suddenly frightened occasion, extensor a stamp. This girl has closed the acupuncture points. Meng Shentong really be surprised who you way this girl is? It turned out that the girl is actually Liqin Mei! Meng Shentong sent his Young, also sent a number of disciples in all directions to arrest Li Qinmei, but now can not think of her as a monk by subtraction 'gift' fingertips. Meng Shentong haha ​​laughed: 'really is my favorite gift, how do you know I want her?' Subtraction monk said: 'I was in the vicinity of Mangshan, met one of your disciples, he asked me about, I asked had seen this woman? I know you're looking for one on the Feng Lin's daughter. 'Meng Shentong frowned, was quite angry his disciples too stupid, just to people