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he tried to parry, the situation is precarious! Meng Shentong shouted, but also buttressed the ninth beat stays under heavy Zhang Li, Jin Shiyi pick up this beat, the heart suddenly startled, not by their own lapel hit a cold, the original master than fighting, very sensitive to distractions, both almost the same, worried about Lisheng Nan Jin Shiyi, a little sparse God, Meng Shentong will greatly prevailed. Cao Kinji people here, then gathered in the surrounding Lu Road phosphorus, shrunk to a circle to protect Cao Kinji. But here there is a master Yang Meng Shentong red character, he has got to the seventh heavy realm, Cao Kinji protect this group of people, no one can Didi, has given him hurt several people, eye with him into going to be. At this extremely critical occasion, Dangdang sudden, I hear the bell, more urgent, behind the palace, Needless to say, this is certainly the alarm bell of the palace. Kou Fang Gao common phenomenon of greatly surprised, I thought: 'Is it the palace of stealing another assassin! Or is the palace of the Old Guard found Ji Xiaofeng? 'Is that also would Ji Xiaofeng, and if another assassin, then things may serious. Is struggling to attack the palace guards escort! 'Initials, Finals end, to find harem Shenwu open, there are four horse rushed out, followed by a large group of guards in the royal palaceThe gallop, and this is no small thing, unless it is the emperor, Prince of Wales-year high and the only authorized horse statue palace, now it is a horse riding, guards and officers who were utterly horrified, except Meng Shentong also In those firms Jin Shiyi, the other hand people are stopped. Suddenly, it has come up a few riding beside the moat, Knight first ride was a young prince Lido clothes! Kou Fang Gao knew fifteen pieces of pale prince, Emperor Qianlong  seventeen sons, Fengyun light head Although fourteen princes, but it was his most favorite Fu Huang, Minister cronies are aware dry Long intentionally him will inherit big bits. (By: Fengyun Ying is later Jiaqing slightest festivity. Feng Lin had this occasion, the hearts are wondering uncertain, yes, she was broken early in the branches, uprooted during the stature, had issued a note like dense Master silent Pikong Zhang, followed by safflower fly again, when she Password Master Chan stature has moved closer to the two thirty feet, the distance between the two sides, but he still Qiba Zhang far, the record Pikong Zhang, her skill to myself, make the most dense Master Chan born shake branches a few times, but they failed to make the tree branches soup half arc, Zhang Jin power, far beyond her own estimate! However, like the Master of the drop dense, but indeed to Lin Feng that downed two flower saffron, original Feng Lin came, he was still in Pittsburgh Prince Yun Chen Yongzheng emperor later) Fuchu lived a few years, four Prince Fuchu many different people, she also learned a lot of strange powers, one of which is taught in the red dot hidden points of law, can break Tantric body care qigong, but the point must be the end of Yan 'Hum fire' 'From Water' two points before taking effect, the two trees in the far distance Shiyu Zhang meditation, when Hugh said Feng Lin skill yet to come, there is this skill that count, but the two face to face, and she can not hit the acupuncture points behind the other. So until Master Chan dense branches born soup half curved, back side of the front of it, she can only grabbed this one moment of opportunity, resorted to 'fly pick leaves' kung fu, taught to play the hole with the red France, hit like dense Master Mei Yan acupuncture points. As for the final, she lagged behind dense than praise the Master, then indeed the super wonderful dodge his own cat Yin Cheung Tam's skills. Better than the other's. So Comprehension game, Lin Feng dodge and fly pick leaves power, and fly all the effort to fight hidden pockets really winsOver the other; and praise dense Master skill and body care Buddhist magic. Sumeru mustard is better than Lin Feng Gong. Both sides have their own expertise, but if