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marry, in case if she does not agree, it was not betrayed me? line, sir, go sit next to you! 'Yan Mufei relieved, busy stood up, shaking his head with a wry smile, said: 'Yuqiong, you really, so much the individual a ......''How much Yeah, my God!' said: '! Man family did not get married, fifty can be considered a child, a girl of the same, between you and me, nor innocuous joke ah' no longer speak, shook his head, sitting in a chair.Jinyu Qiong slowly lay down, a pair of beautiful eyes firmly fixed on Yanmu Fei, a long while, suddenly said such a sentence: '! Mu Fei, I admire you.'Weie Yanmu Fei said: 'What?'Jinyu Qiong said: 'Zuohuaibuluan!'Yan Mufei hesitated smile, shook his head and said: '! Yuqiong, people of non-vegetation, unique ceremony held by the word ear'Jinyu Qiong said: 'There is a man, not every one will like you.'Yan Mufei smiled and said: 'Yuqiong,Color too early. 'Jinyu Qiong said: 'A man sit boring, you do not want me to talk with you more?'Yan Mufei shook his head and said: 'Now you just need to rest.'He did not pro authentic: '! Rest, rest, rest you will call me, okay, I hear you.'Closed her beautiful eyes, then her eyes wide open, said: '! Thank you.'And shut his eyes on.A thirty-year-old girl, even like a naughty child, Yan Mufei shaking his head laughing, he leaned back figure, with eyes also raised from the gods.House, very quiet, very quiet.Outside the room the night, but also surprisingly quiet.Only to hear snuff even explosive, hard to hear another sound.Jinyu Qiong eyes at first also separated for a peek, but not long after, she was no longer open eyes, and she slept, and slept very fragrant, sweet, very assured.In the 'Dragon US Hawker' companionship, she was afraid of what Hugh said to be a scorpion, is to hang a white-fronted tiger eye she is not afraid.She was tired, and no wonder, her family which is not delicate, not to mention Jinyu Qiong she never too far out of the door, there are sick body.Her breathing is very uniform, his face red, is so beautiful, so delicate, two bit, at the moment the dragon into two, one blue and one purple, each other, the National Division King Buddha surrounded in the air, smashed down together. 'Namo Amitabha!' MND King Buddha looked at the sky flying to four dragon, Stern old face without color, suddenly roar, a huge sound wave piercing away, caught off guard that under Wu Zhiqi, shot was turned over two somersault, only to fall into the Huai. Looking at the sky has been dark violet chains with two dragons, MND King Buddha at the moment only slightly relieved when Ssangyong strike pending in one fell swoop down, while the Huaihe River water surge, flower waveSky flower straight, facing a huge shadow on the sky and golden, a violent ape cross in the air, Zhuangruo gods. 'Boom!' Golden burst of air vibrate, surprised to find a huge iron bar turned out, it hit the top of the National Division king golden Buddha's Body, State Master Wang could not spray the mouth of a golden Buddha blood come. The original does not know when, in the air to a huge piece of land chains, but at the moment into an iron bar, swarthy, like a hideous monster in front of now, any time devouring the world in general. That chain lock not know how many years, then suppress their own things, due to the passage of time, Yu Ye has already died, the above prohibition also long gone spotless, comparable to something innate Lingbao, Under the yuan has long been to properly refining Gods Memorial Ceremony, soul control, change by putting yourselves. Poor King Buddha that MND rush came, where you know so much news, not a defensive one time, in the other calculations. It also can not be said, like monkeys born on this stick has a special hobby, playing a set up, such as the Monkey King fighting over the Buddha, there are the six ear monkeys Liu Li, etc., are the weapons of choice for iron bars Today this is the same water ape, chains are rolling into the iron bars in the air already, stop knocking National Division King Buddha at loopholes. 'Boom!' Air is a shadow fell down, about . Headed person. But dressed in red robes, majestic but honorable. His side have dozens of Taoist accompanying each Ge clothing robe, the figure who trained, are clearly capable of great people, it is dedicated to building the congregation Later Zhou Dynasty monk, now also followed the Emperor Sejong drive over . 'Chendeng welcome His Majesty, His Majesty Shengshou.' Kuangyin not neglect, quickly led all the soldiers kneeling on the ground, but it is not up, looks very respectful. Sejong emperor riding on top of a head Phoenix, a two-edged sword in hand, looked faint Kuangyin, his eyes suddenly exposed to a strange look, but also towards the side of a silver-haired priest looked at, was surprised to find that priests carefully looked at the kneeling Kuangyin, his face showing a Siqi color, if not I believe that after the general, for a long time, just hesitant towards Sejong emperor shook his head. Emperor Sejong seeing, as if to make a surprise like, jumped down from the Phoenix, picked up Kuangyin, patting his body armor, laughed and said:. 'Xiandi but it is hard work,' just did not hesitate . Kuangyin Sejong want to know where, but respectful, said:. 'Incompetent minister, Shouzhou not only failed to capture, but also loss of soldiers off, please His Majesty Offences' Sejong emperor waved, smiled and said: 'That Li Lie operators Shouzhou not know how many years in this town do not know how much effort it took, even generals were guarding Shouzhou to Lee Hyun Sin supernatural clan, even take it Supreme Sanshanwuyue under numerous Xiandi take less than what is normal. If not they know Guaren coming, I want to bigZhou Dajun Shouzhou annihilation in the city, I'm afraid to see Xiandi the Guaren. 'Then Kuangyin slowly pulled into the camp. 'It seems that the Emperor personally led troops expedition a week.' On Shouzhou city, looking over the Later Zhou Li magical city under a cloud of Camp Purple sighed. After Zhoubing Feng sharp, non-Southern Tang can be compared. Although they have a strong Later Zhou