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Mount Li Tuo dealings, if he has a grasp of that in 5 minutes, killing opponents, do not care to wait four minutes and 59 seconds before the shot, but it will not be because of any Anything man hesitated for a second. ' Rio Lee laughed, had a scar on his way cheekbones, laugh together, like a fox-like cunning ugly, his sinister authentic: 'I still understand little princess.' Yoo Ji-day Perfectionist said: '? But if there is enough temptation, God willing to risk more Mans delay some time, as long as the value for money, is not it.' Yin Li Tuo laughed: 'Yes, but time is up!.' He picked a throw, and numerous meteor flying camel Silver Shadow from the hands. Yoo Ji-day foot shadow floating exhibition space flying figure up fast swimming, floating off in his room all the scenes have become twisted up, Pirates St. constituents are constantly stealing space. As he waited at the front of Guang, Guang front has almost become a black hole. As long as stolen space, you must first predict the trajectory of the knife will be deviations, can not accurately hit the target. Flash figure, Xu Yuan Luedao fly around the exhibition space, the two rivals have also fought each other to the death, even at the moment is to fight side by side. As heavy rain like bullets flying body away from the promise, Zhao Xiang leisurely flight with a knife. After a storm, Xu Yuan has been exhausted Ground, air show fly warble: 'it up ah!.' Pirates of the holy eyes saw the knife still fly slowly, either collapse of space, or the constant collision hail of bullets in the body of the knife, they can not change a shred of running track Flying. They even have a spent force, Li Tuo power remainsTerror was difficult to calculate, and the world's only connection to slightly better after he Guang edge. Yoo Ji-day dejected sigh. Flying would be God, God is the God Mountain. Weight gain strength from the second day of God congregation, its strength far from the ancient weapons of this world can not match. Xu Yuan did not re-shot power, to become a monster no temperament, I think it is a sin ...... ' Yuan smiled and said: 'Immortality of the set, designed for a person born tranquil longevity and opened the door, we all non-its kind, Xian Yuan can only say that is not enough, dust heart too, talk about this issue, or Duron palace to go! 'Tianchi Venerable laughed: 'Yes, this is gossip, Mo mistake down to business, let's go!'Five individuals from the Dong Fu, Tianchi Venerable take them to embark on a path, turn a ride in front is a towering height and Tianqi absolute Ridge!The whole mountain in snow coverage, the more non-variegated, the sun shone on the snow, issuing harsh reflection, although the small diameter lower peak to climb, but it is quite difficult, because the so-called small diameter, it is only some outstanding ice, only to go just, sometimesWomen who have stopped drunk carved wood like Dai Li does not move, then the middle of each face are slowly showing a red bloodstain, followed by half a head from their body, slowly unloading fall. Dozens of fresh life, became an instant pile corpses. Young zero tightly clutching his mouth and it did not cry out. This is not by chance, even if the rope break was an accident, there is no possible way to draw the perfect wave, will everyone just cut in half by the middle of the face. Du's face no trace of wind touches, look to being drunk and walking on the deck a few of the men and women who. These people do not know ballroom companions have all been killed, threw to the side railing, it brazenly kissing up, quite frankly, in each other's hands fumble. Young zero Fenlian see hot, but after a second, she suddenly stared. Young zero can not drunk, she clearly saw that a few of the men and women behind the railings twisted up, and turned it into six shares sharp hook claws, ferocious drunks who stormed the chest and abdominal cavity to go, the sky suddenly screams sounded. ' Liu fat screams collapsed to the ground, he looked pale and ground fire in patrol, ship had left the land, now