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two officers had badly affected the world's most powerful torture, screaming mad howl, like two by the wounded beast, and many little soft-hearted person, all cover the ears, to bear to listen. The two law officers but destroy disciple monks, a monk called them off to Beijing currying method, drill a commanding position Guards, originally scheduled early even if there is a row Mangshan things today, so will they bring, prepared a the pawn, threatening to send Mangshan tools undreamed will blaze a Jin Shiyi come out of thin air! Then hear the screams of his two beloved disciple Wang Hao, ear stab the heart, Rao isDestroy law and there are decades of effort retreat, can not help but anger hearts and minds, scattered mind. Gu Zhihua is at this point downwind, she focused exclusively on speculation destroy method monk, in the eyes can see, just off the French monk Tieguai Flanagan, research ears to listen, just to identify the orientation Tieguai call, even though Jin Shiyi spin Large plowing cover, as she has not seen not heard. Such a distraction, a focused, once the situation is reversed, taking advantage of the whole Gu Zhihua counterattack, Jian Qi, such as rainbow, coldness Zade, brush a few swords to kill off the French monk back again and again! French monk Anjiao off bad, that he considered this time to come out of the body fight Jin Shiyi, its potential can not have, quickly settled down God, a replay of the killer. Heel just stood still, only to hear Jin Shiyi there again scolded: 'Lv Siniang is my life's most revere people, you dare to dig her grave, I learned that you should not have to be heavy and now I have two paths to. you choose, if you do not confess I vapid three days and nights without sleep, to accompany you, I have eighteen penalty, like, like, so you benefit from;. if you are willing to plead guilty, listen to me said, hey, hey, I see you are willing to admit in part, may be able to spare you. 'The two officers heard, if not recognized fine, subject to three days and three nights of dizziness. Du wind had no time to blame her, just lightly: '? You use two weeks to complete the training.' Young zero a small chest, three-star infuriating in her comes out. Proud authentic: 'Now I is a three-star friends ancient weapons.' Zhao Luan, who are exposed surprised look, with their talent trained in the two-star status, you need at least a month, this cute 'little Shishu 'even to two weeks to get, so they really are scared to Heaven. Increasingly turbulent waves, wind Du-hyun to feel dizzy looking at the waves of the crowd and said:. 'You guys better not be separated, I hope to see you in the sea.' He first like a shell-like, a leap into the sea from a helicopter. Du year when the wind first breakthrough devil waters above the level of more than six stars, star power is now in the seabed, it is an unprecedented challenge. He held out his palms, a strong blast clustered into six-claw dragon form, anxious ahead into HaitaoIn. And waves fight together. Waves appear thousands Daomang, after Daomang whistling. Long gas body Lin Zhao were all Daomang slashing. Dragon screams up wind Du flash figure. His body and turned it into a gas, gas to [return] status as virtual direct leap into the body of the dragon. Now the tide has gradually dragon immediately like a shot in the arm-like, head to the sky Nuxiao endless nasal spray dragon dragon interest. The vast expanse of ocean waves to blow open. Long body, appeared in numerous small purple form the pubic region, the dragon-like tear up like crazy, just still impregnable walls waves. One begins to tear at the dragon claws. Beating dragon 18 palms XIII style Zhao Luan trio in a helicopter looking excited to have crazy dragon, Deng aghast whispered: '? Kanglongyouhui actually have this usage.' Zhao Luan habitually cursing the sentence: 'Your X's ......' Then hush, Leng Heng said: 'I heard you want to division rival public for overconfident, you win, I win aging mother ...... pretty good? . ' Xu Tan also staring Kanglongyouhui this type [], he had