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 among differential energy on a star, he sent both the strength of more than one chip. May magnitude is not fixed, although ancient weapons can use air five elements of earth, but injured, when tired, the energy will be reduced accordingly. Techniques of ancient weapons can absorb other gases, such as North offerings []; can avoid each other in accordance with the guidelines to air attacks, while the other gas consuming [Limbo]; can enhance their energy level transient [demons] disintegration, etc., can be effective reduce the energy difference between the two sides of strength when much difference. If Du wind teach them a thing or two, enough of them good enough for a lifetime. Du wind just will not teach specific skills they use methods. To want to do strong, use your eyes and see, ears to hear, the brain to comprehend! Three consuls are Joan - Luo Feile picked up dying in the desert, who has hidden his real name, swear allegiance to the Luo Feile. To maintain secrecy, did not tell them the true identity of Du wind, but who can see their prodigy owner of Du wind admiration and awe of how much. Du guidance when fighting the wind automatic closure of their acupuncture points will be reduced to one-star ancient weapons themselves. Three consuls are simmering breath hard training, you want to use to three to one, the other also know what advantages blindfolded down the other side,Masters of their own out of breath. However, they soon found that the face Du wind, their only way out is to learn. Brute force extraordinary tiger, gas figurative hammer out a heavier than once, while holding in his hand is no longer hammer handle, but the chain. Tiger has learned to skillfully use two each weighing one ton meteor hammer, hammer meteor from the perspective of the vagaries of the wind, where Du, that he will not again every time the wind was Du Zhanyi eighth down [ie] wave down . Good punch, Zhang Li Xiong Yong extraordinary wisdom and bear brothers from Du wind learned to set the pace. Although they are better lowered oracles, the specific circumstances unknown. Female: CanadaDare lie language, Wudang really lay no guests. 'Yan Mufei a slight chuckle: 'Road longer the bully Taoist, and self-deception!'The right of the young face changed the whole truth, and then immediately talk, said:. 'Donor unbelief Pindao Mokenaihe'Yanmu Fei said: 'So to say, there will be no lay Wudang the guests?'The right of the young Quanzhen: 'The donor, really no.'Yanmu Fei said: 'So why terrifying Guipai climbing?'The young left Quanzhen: 'Not afraid, Bipai Closing off the move has nothing to do with the matter.'Yanmu Fei said: 'So why Guipai Closing off?'The right of the young Quanzhen: 'This is a private matter Bipai!'Yan Mufei smile, said: 'If the Sun is now too Wudang, then a lot of money Guipai affair.'The right of all true eyebrows a young Young said: 'The donor how ......'Yanmu Fei said: 'I say it is too Wudang Sun now, two do not recognize, this is not the way to go empty argument, it is best to let me on to see a clear, two please get out of it, do not give rise to Wudang scourge.'He walked on the move.Two young really look for a full-Young said: 'The donor please stop, spacious Shouyu in charge of teaching had confessed during the Closing off if a stranger forced climbers, can shoot to kill.'Yanmu Fei laughed: 'I want that, then it would become Wudang pile of rubble.'Suddenly, he has been less than ten feet away from the gate.Quan Zhen Zhen two young voice shouted: 'The donor Tangbu listen to advice, to be shot Pindao offended!'Yanmu Fei said: 'If there are two self-confidence, please feel free shot.'Two young face changed the whole truth, lift wrist sword, Zhenwan then handed, Liangbing sword as snake, fly handed out.Wudang sword worthy Guanjue buildings or two to see that this is all true three generations of young disciples, to the sword by the lift wrist, coherent, efficient, such as electricity, has been quite accomplished.Yan Mufei identity because of the inconvenience with these two hands Wudang three generations of