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surprised to find the golden masterpiece Haotian mirror light scattered clouds disappear, Stern mirror to reveal a scene, head of the town was surprised to find a pediatric demon tower, holding his hands in a party seal, engraved with mountains and rivers, and so the appearance of the boat, it Kongtong India, and that children Although the adult form, but it is composed by the aura, but apparently it is a soul. It is just talk the good fortune sects Zao is too! 'Hmmm, Enlightening Laoer, you kill me subglottic disciples disciples, this account you count me at a later date.' Zhen Fang heard his face became pale, thundered: 'Li Jing, well you were born daughter.' Present stature of a move , suddenly disappeared in place, apparently lower bound to go. Enlightening the Buddha awaiting to go, suddenly stopped in front of a Biguang. Enlightening the Buddha Shoumei a move, looking away, not to block their town Motoko is who. Furious mind, said:. 'Daoxiong, why stop Pinseng path' Then it will take universe feet in his hands, apparently to prevent the other side if I am afraid we must get involved, insist forcing out. I did not realize the town Motoko did not worry, but smiled and said:. 'Today, I waited to be invited large revere the Queen Mother, to attend the event Pindao peach that brother is in trouble because of his disciples, therefore went to the rescue, because I do not know the Buddha why, do not want to take leave, Buddha This does not know where to put large revere? 'Then towards the Emperor hit a Jishou, and looked extremely respectful. Buddha on Lotus Lantern sweep at the Jade Emperor, the Emperor was livid fruit see, the mind is furious. Although not at the EEP BuddhaRestitution, did not move, but for others to see, you can really effect. 'Baoshu De bade said:' drafts you take it, your body is more secure, but to be honest, except thou bully pickpocket, others want to dig my pockets may not be easy. 'Baili Chao also told he laughed:' to see the shape, we are first met, since Dege give you a gift, I place, instinct authentic: 'I only know that this world is certainly seen the world Zongda template program, it is impossible that a coincidence, building layout are all up in the world and were arranged in exactly the same.' Du wind exhaled a long breath and said: 'Yes.' Speech with trembling slightly. Year after the extradition will be super-intelligent life forms were beat up, Zongda joined the doomsday extradition would, out of respect for the extradition of members, were up to their own world template program, presented to the members of the extradition of a person. This is among the highest in the extradition will be kept confidential, no one has the right to spread out this program. Be able to hold the world's template programs, may be extradited only be human! Rest of the year will end the extradition of eight people in three very Chuansong Zhen wiped out, and he never will be the world's wind Du template program rumor too. He looked to the side of , prodigy had guessed his thoughts, shook his head and said: '! I did not divulge too Zongda program' Immediately, voice takes on a slightly trembling, whispered: '!. Independence Day, there are people alive in addition to us, there are people inside the extradition would be alive.' Independence Day Du wind cut back rub Shendao slamming leaping white scabbard, inserted in the ground, shaking the handle to uphold buzzing endlessly. H slamming the ground cracks, they are in a small warehouse roof was spewing Daoqi H slamming cut in half. Chen mortal puff of dust to fall, Independence Day has always been responsive, just like there is no feeling like this, despite the dust cover over his body. Luo Feile bowed his head, then the end of the extradition will disappear if eight people who live there, then it might be Xu Yuan, Ghosts D; probably his grandfather Mike - Luo Feile; it could be two years prompted a Du wind Under the anger knifed Peak, to physically confront the tragedy of man years. Independence Day only recognized over the life of the woman, that asked not to say the truth, just with weeping, and with between me and the Hung family politely whether or close friends, the guard line is Entrusted by the people, to the edge of a field will be considered accountable? I inspected the flood days of man and his son excellent Hung child Intertek is a good qualification, grew up practicing boy power, Wenwuquancai never have caused evil things, conception siege. for two to say, this trip is a trustee of the real, but the parent has flood Death, Hung Tien very bright people good sense, in the end why Cheng Chou, just makes sense, I will not speak for the experienced man of strong, two personnel told the truth. This day father countryside with experience, even from the dead field, went out with the cattle martial, feel far. Villagers listen to a talk, there are two beautiful woman crying drowning boat on the river bank before the village,Who was on board rescued off the cabin, that is bought with a price master's maid, bombers scattered idlers, and not near, is now, and the dragon lord speak on board, presumably another person to sell his home. 'Qi, Long heard two women missing persons, known to have misunderstood something. Then, I gave three of the truth and what he wanted to say. Positive talk enthusiastically head, by the Department to the more desolate, but not other boats shadow river, Suddenly the boat people to report, the bank has two nuns carrying request. Guan Chuan encounter this kind of thing can be ignored, because the very public enemies along the way, well-established knowledge fear beforehand had told his people on the boat in distress that is reported. Auto body since I have been sent had several call. Some one surnamed Bianji quit, there are interesting that I do not know, I do not want to hurt him, a little embellishment will scare. Come not by carrying the name, is openly visit, anyway, only one ship call, so to have a non-free. When Cliff is seen due to nuns, I would ban live trio, pro out answer. I watch the two nuns Rongzhi Xianya, unlike