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shouted:.. 'You can actually learned Pindao mention Pindao He killed a dove Mount, is to kill ten, also fail to get you to your lesson Pindao resistance I Ru Kunlun, resulting in the tragic disaster Daughter Kunlun down, water is the huge sea of ​​blood of the Kunlun Mountains flooded clean, all this will count in your truth to the head, the original concept in Qingyang, the right way of the General Assembly, all sects formed an alliance, you are among Buddhist, today is your art forsworn earlier, that He dove Mount Pindao kill, do not Pindao let homicide. truth, you are too outrageous. Today the poor Road not only kill the dove Mount He is today the industry Haier escape death. 'That truth monk heard this old head red, shame and anger, but a bad back, a time only double Yandeng boss, anxious to Zhen Fang swallowed like belly. Zhen Fang is no matter, just sitting in the car, Kowloon, gold-filled, hands to stick hibiscus, Dinghai beads, red gourd have to sacrifice in the air, or hit, or hack, have to make out a variety of styles, a variety of meansSpecies diversity, bizarre, air scene scene, bright colors, although very beautiful, but always revealing the beholder. Fuso stick on real fire blazing sun into the sky, or hit on the truth of the whip, or the numerous road ignite the flame, overwhelming it toward the crowd burned up. Bright red gourd masterpiece, fiery red, planted red variety of gases, a knot in one, and covered the entire sky, a little attention, it was contaminated on it, even the soul can not protect, do not know how many casualties. Dinghai beads haoguang flashing stunning eyes, between the shadowy, long smashed in, all killed on the spot, the mighty Titanic. 'Bang!' Extravagant than the dead elders suddenly issued a scream, all the monks shocked, and have looked in the past, was surprised to find an empty white hair old man, one armed with a whip in one hand and holding a young priest, eyes in exposed coldness, cold stare all the monks. Do not know what the origins, do not know when to the river clever brothers without orders from Commander's not out. casually walking, undecided whether to go. District Fucai, when that experience will certainly go well. 'When he finished, the four bowed together handle. Xu brothers each with a red face, to the audience to go vertical. People do not have to be on that side out 'Ai Yeah!' And Heimo Le enemy of Shendao to four, all of a sudden withdrawal of the hand throwing knife, turning stumble. At the same time the sound of the audience a Hema, vertical on a group of people, the mouth cursed: '! Puppy' kill all cite Weaponry hold up. ChildSome anxious enemy, the first former head of a man lifting frame enemy live, black, ancestors, all three of them came up the river to be the enemy, even if the two sides did not say, will have to play together. Heimo Le etc. only four to six of the enemy party there. West Morohito off the stage and saw the enemy is the opposite to the six new arrivals from the outside, the older one about 40 meters away, the youngest was only fourteen years old, all dressed in the same color breasted secret clasps Xiaoao, Under the clip pants tied back, black satin soft bottom boots fast, right pole, left Tieguai, belts of various hidden weapon, skill is very vigorous. Up and down within the two 20-dwarf, so that's a good hand to wade knife, particularly chun kung fu pure face look a lot alike, seems a brother. Xing flying squirrel anger: 'The enemy shameless, speak well of one, we had four, and also after a long battle, he was up to me to say he was six Villains few words, but also how to make two up.?' And heroes Kang Qian Peng came with the same smiles: 'That is the gold six tiger, is Huguang road famous figures Greenwood, skills are not weak, this is not easily contacts with fellow Xiang Li, soldiers with only brothers into the same, I wonder how can come here? six thieves many enemies in the arena, acting vicious, evil wild cross overwhelmed fear is the right time, avenged a fast. ' Soon as he finished, sitting beside the new