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angry, unstoppable, determined to want all Yaoseng demon Please play together RoadEach magic wand feijian, beaten and killed him, although no flowery Sigu imminent retribution, instant ruin, broken homes and death of people, in the end the old into Tianjin, interesting vision, to see the head like a good trillion. Shichengjihu knowingly, let them go, still want to be careful in mind, the camera and the line, to prepare for something completely leaving a path back of the body. Spot by guests exceptionally veneration, not about himself, even about Cai party magician all together on the front of the main stage please, make up their minds, one for one, game by game, so do not kill gang fights mix full compliance by fine lines, in addition to both parties, not the hands of the enemy is not universally. Kuaixin solid wins glory, if fully defeat, or not see, but also to close the wind, refused to accept as their own to succeed, to discuss other alternative holidays, heavy set time limit where the secondary than fighting again. Such practices, although people lost set, but not involving the net worth, suffered a crushing defeat. Magician here early to eat stabilize, excuse:.. 'Is the owner of the body, can not act according to the rules of the political arena of you Shenseng especially famous live, but can not see a very exposed petty, mean something overexert succeed, nor the glorious victory of the Services shall what it says, avoid the enemy despise joke. Anyway, there is the presence of you Shenseng long cents, Wan victorious truth. out later the more something to say, the more awe-inspiring. 'because flowers Sigu liqueur, good pay should, hospitality etiquette and very generous, all match up to the guests who thoroughly enjoyed themselves. This group is to win over the whole Yaoseng diabolism, who does not listen to her words embarrassed. Cai party fiasco, positive people on stage - not even the public out. Especially Bian Moye, not only has a deep internal and external power attainments, Tianjin dry wells also , but because of her long masked, so it was difficult to see her true colors, even she would have no way to guess how old.'Yan Mufei shook his head and said: 'She can really be called mystery word!'The girl said: 'Even 'Golden Gate' door people have this feeling.'Yan Mufei smiled and said: 'I told the girls a thing now, who commissioned 'Golden Gate' to find someone with a clear alien who is the current emperor he wants to find the person is too stew with former Sun Yun Ji Gang Guard command. ! 'Girl look vibration, blurting gasp, said: 'how would the emperor ......' said: 'How else says most powerful people in the world today, there was a greater than his power, more authority than he??'Busy girl said: 'Well, he's dissent is ......' said: 'Too Sun, Ji Gang, and when the Emperor, when Zhongliang Jianwen, like all who oppose him, even even whenThose who help the Emperor to conquer the world are also included. 'The girl did not speak, presumably too shocked Zhengzhu.Looking at the Sun Sen Yan Mufei instant, smiling, said: '! Elderly, now that you fully understand the source of the disease the girl'Sun Sen nodded and said: 'styled, if you see that girl is in the insanity, I almost missed her, and it is no wonder that the doctor can not see what she is sick ......'Yanmu Fei said: 'It happened again hit the girl says she does not hide.'Sun Sen said: '! Yes, ah this is not to take his own life kidding me?'Yanmu Fei said: 'The elderly, Chui girls did not want to hurt you, she is also good intentions, now you should be glad for yourself, but for you to leave the Mountain early, I'm afraid ......'Sun Senhuo then said: 'No wonder old girl she urged me to leave the Mountain!' said: 'I do not say what they are afraid to hurt you girl Jade, she was afraid to find female Golden Regardless relying on Huashan insanity, really want it, I'm afraid you with emerald old girl herself ......?' Shook his head, shut up without saying.Girl shook his head and said: 'I poured myself it does not matter, anyway, I can not live in ......'