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slowly said:! 'This package of powder, but the most powerful of the seven synthetic poison, after dose, immediately distributed to them bleed to death than this injury is the courage and the guts, I do not know Tang head can have this courage, dark make me a cup of it? 'Meng Shentong way to make such a test, who really is unexpected, at once to boil a pot of water, uproar, noisy audience,' Well do not face, clearly wanted to stab in the back´╗┐Heroes! '' Do not be fooled, he will have the antidote! '' He knows death is approaching, escape justice, so to La Tang heroes accompany him dead! Well, Well, really fantastic! Guests can there be such a test of truth. To fast life and death, why not simply sentenced to death in the weak and strong deposit martial arts! 'There curse Meng Shentong, there is advice column Xiao Tang, condemning miscellaneous sound advice into a Mengshen Tong said coldly:.' Gentlemen Stop, please listen to me saying a word. 'His voice is not high, but every word like a metal percussion in general, sent to the eardrum, once the audience sounds are suppressed Meng Shentong Hey sneered:.' What comes to detoxification of drugs, and the world Like none can match too Tianshan snow lotus, and Tang, head cook who will have to use the Tianshan snow lotus Bi panacea, if that should serve antidote Discovery tricks, how can I quote the head of Tang got cheaper! 'Rightly has said:' This is a test of courage is not a test of the ability to detoxify, Tang, head of course look heavy martial arts, Mengmou nor nobodies, imagine under the watchful eyes, ventured to drink poison After the wine, watching the other die, while they Discovery service antidote to survive, a hero is not afraid of the world ridiculed it? 'These few words were extremely powerful, will survive the posterior Tang Xiaolan may also cut off, and everyone looked at each other, not only to hear Meng Shentong said anything again laughed and said:.' In fact, all of you paranoid Qi worry, I more aware of you say it, my bag of powder, but Peacock