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did not go. Saved me a tip, and he has a side room on the outside, uttered twice, he did not say the truth always. Though thy father served Fanseng poison, just can not have children, but also Xu Youzai out. And he just too secret, do not even know the place, unable to visit since these years, thought about it since pulled down, only to have this fruit! Because you meet, how can lead to see me? 'The young girl heard this, they think of the day has not earlier, Jiang Ming bamboo is still waiting, busy replied:' I came out with the younger brother, Niang and wait. 'With the shout:' Lan sister, go and tell brother, told him to go to a private room to wait. There came a child looking for, and brought him in. He did not dress, I went looking for my menswear. 'With the said date as taken in by the men's. Just go out, behold, his wife Yu early, listen room girl to say, the river is too old and the new wife did not sleep all night last night, Miss Jiang is not in the room, I do not know how to, new seems too big to worry about air. Former wife Yu Xiaomei know yesterday's trip, not be considered a clue, did not return a young girl out at night, thieves look for suspicious accident, can not help but shocked, fear Shun Youji people know, the girl said a few number, asked people are not allowed to say. That girl Minghuan Chunyun, originally wife Yu personal love slave girl, very clever upward. Portland cherished her clever, they owe their own chores Ming Xiao, deliberately going to use to prepare for failing to consult, avoid any ill place. Chunyun actually go along with the maid mouth of Hangzhou, inquire from the last Girls new wife is, the ability of high-strength, envy already has, several times back pain who seek to teach her Martial arts. Lanzhen fear trick complain, they will not recognize Wu. Chunyun bias is determined Cheng Jian, finally did not give up, until the arrival of Jiang and her daughter, the young girl knew far better than Lanzhen skills, increasingly seductive, in order to beg for big too, his own white high nose, wears a white hat, his hands clinging an old scriptures that says the Koran words. This person Minghuan Mohammed. The lotus is sitting on an ice road with a person. Taoist long beard dressed in a black robe, looks odd ancient, eyes cold, when the emperor is the demon of the division, with Kun Peng Kun Peng Tao founder. 'Jesus, your disciples to confirm the man look like it?' Roc Patriarch look cool, SG flows. Opening spit sound. Sound tinny, prickly eardrum. 'Father, what is wrong with this person said Brother?' Mohammed but wise, see Kunpeng demonSo waste effort, so that my brothers search for this thing, you know a little a guess Kun Peng Zhen Fang must be critical, the moment quickly asked. 'Hey, this person but your father's enemies.' Kunpeng demon division is filled with the sound tinny not with anger. An enormous magic could not help gushing to the disciples stunned and pale, have prostrate on the ground, can not have any action, even Jesus and Mohammed were also bending beneath the weight, his face covered with sweat, the heart is also very surprised. 'Father, you are saying is that Zhen Fang Hongyun reincarnation?' Jesus' heart was shocked. . 'Hmmm, do not know the way that Hong scattered soul is his gourd to mark' Roc founder sneered: 'It has long been its refining gourd, now I wait for those who are not born, the world is what people can refining of his gourd, and only he could refining him. Zhen Fang is the reincarnation of the German Red Cloud. Hmmm, Red Cloud, you probably would not think of, day-dimensional door disappear, the secret confusion, you can not calculate your ancestors this life, do you think I Rikkyo is to permit prospective saint it? ancestors or to monitor your appearance. obscurity Purple, do you think that you yet? 'the main hall suddenly heard the cries of laughter proudly pointed fine voice resounded throughout North Ming, a time do not know how many dead fish Pizhen. 'Haier Palace sits demon division, I want to personally embark on a being.' Kunpeng