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Shanhaiguan, but could not see a little angry. But seemed very chill. Grand Master Yuen Ren face, hands holding Tiexuedanxin ruler, purple sparkle, shines in the sky; cloud neutron big sleevesFluttering behind a golden light. Look elegant, significant figure who trained end appearance; Taiyizhenren face bitter, golden light shines behind merit heaven, hell jiu connection; wide as the child face resolute, above Ni Wan, green shiny, like a mountain; Nanjixianweng silver to be flying, Lingbao Archmage face chill. Qingxudong moral zhenjun smiling and holding a sword, ignoring the immense; Yu Ding live deadpan face jade light flow, light and water; Yin Yangjing red sperm armed, black Bai Shuangguang criss-cross; Daoxing revere hands bling, but do not know what that is, behind a merit gold, diamond surface signs; Nanhua real face calm. Stature wind, extremely vast. Then in the ground behind them, such as Dongbin, who taught his disciples, Yang Jian, Han Duron, Xue Wuhu, etc. illustrates teach three generations of disciples also followed. Cloud neutron stubborn prayer flag, ordered planted a big fuss, Temujin, who came specially Destroys waiting. Shortly after, 'rumble' of the sounds. While the earth shake, Wu family was surprised to find countless swarms of soldiers, surrounded by Temujin other twelve ancestral witch, momentum like a tiger, an enormous chill filled the air under the entire Shanhaiguan. Temujin sweep in front of a large array of one, that all the witch said:. 'On the subject alone, afraid and only within the three realms of the saint is my opponent and so on, at the moment I'm afraid they want to cover your Shanhaiguan, perhaps the only So the. ' 'Brutal heartless witch family, how can the White Three Realms, bit emperor's aspirations.' Neutron cloud casually laughed: 'You just said that I teach two experts who explain better than this, I refused to accept that Shi Zhi and wanted some advice . ' 'Please!' Yang Jian hands pointing imaginary Temujin. Yuqing cents transported from light to gossip use, I did not realize Qiu Yi other organic fraud! Even though he heard his mouth, said: '! Too embarrassed, Wan no such reason' was first willing heart. Qiu Yi range again and again, he said: 'All men are brothers, not to mention all their own side. Friends love brother's life, such as life, temperament straightforward, this little bit is anything? Besides brother Eli also quite prepared thin, Maxiong passenger side ceremony has been sent, and then send the same brother, is not worth much, less contrast seems wrong. You and I hit it off, the intersection length of day, such as those required for the money and care, even considered a friend? Maxiong little or a lot better. 'MA Kun Qiu Yi did not hear the mocking words with anti-burn the heart when it is friends, do not comply with remarkable turn stingy, they laugh replied:' Qiu brother Shengyi gracious, very sensible. 'Buddy and Mo family friend, Mingtie ready yet?' MA Kun had only gratitude, since without saying. Two gift that comes up. Mo lives in boxwood dam, there are ten miles apart. Place ranking among the hills, along the pine forest, bamboo lined repair, scenery is very beautiful. Mo always Township because the state re-look, good people and good, this one for the entire life, almost hit the county. In particular, local rural wind, whenever things organized hi life, only slightly related to him, mostly young and old, family travel. Moreover Mo fame years old, familiar provinces have, in the past few days since, that is, relatives and friends gathered. The day is warm birthday wish, the more the number, the two Mo just turn up the road, we see all over the distance deliveryBirthday person, Tihe lift baskets, wallets holding plate, flocked to rush straight and Asaka will in general. Ages in twos and threes, eighteen for the group, to go the same way forward. After the first call should be laughing phase and said Mo are also birthday celebration, then burn downtown very end. Twenty-three turn, into the valley dam boxwood. I saw the earth flat desert