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purple ribbon cover your whole body clothing cents. Although Yang Jian Yi high bold, but in the end is a large Luo Jin Sin late figure, the face of the Wu family's ancestral witch or cautiously, lest they be hurt. 'Subutai, there you go. Be careful Nabing his knife, probably not simply magic.' Temujin somber, since the other dare to challenge their ancestral witch is relying on naturally. Subconscious, Temujin obviously felt Nabing not simply magic. Subutai laughed physique of a move, suddenly of a prototype fleetHead animal body, ear wearing two green snake, height about baizhang, aches and ignite the flames, and even be able to feel the hot breath on an enormous Shanhaiguan. Subutai heritage is extravagant than the corpse of Orthodoxy, extravagant than the corpse, also known as drought with great courage, in charge of the weather for the ancestral witch, drought demon appeared, within a radius in the range of tens of thousands, are scene of utter desolation. Yang Jian face flurry, though dressed in their purple ribbon gossip fairy clothing, but quasi-holy huge momentum is 's. An intense breath blowing. Spare his extraordinary history, but also with a trace of tension in mind at the moment. In accordance with the Assembly of Immortals reconsidered, so that all ancestral witch over Destroys wants. But always, good luck three cases Buddhist Dharma, Dharma doors lowest Daoxing Yang Jian, although later Zhen Fang given by the killing of Gunslinger, but force can not decide to improve their strength in the face of adversity growth, Yang Jian is no alternative, the year of the Monkey King is how the interest, but also through countless battles later, only today, Liu Natori order to break its own land barrier, willingly into the universe Ding bitter centuries by, without struggle, how can windy Three Realms, a real law enforcement. So have a war today. Subutai hands, rub, a bloody sword is now out of the flame sword flying around, occasionally splashing on the ground, causing the fire, burning all around. Yang Jin Shiyi, or for the fate sigh? Or is someone both cry and cry yourself? Liqin Mei thinking? She is a past remembered four years ago. She was imprisoned in the stone room Meng Shentong,When the white section of the scene and the beginning of the meeting, China Valley. She hit it off with each of China, to the undisguised tell his feelings for Jin Shiyi, the Gu Zhihua pointing her to the Laoshan find Jin Shiyi, and later everything possible combination of Chen Tianyu goalkeeper she put him out. She played a measured when she does not talk to Jin Shiyi mix when also exhibited the influence of tears in his eyes, she had thought for his own life experience and sad, and now she completely understood; Gu Zhihua afford mood that day with their mood at the moment exactly the same. However, when Jin Shiyi still alive, ah, but has endured his own sad, the Jin Shiyi whereabouts without domain hesitate to tell her (and with this lie lie to her, Yi good completely ! On the contrary) and now she is completely understand: is in order to fulfill her, she would rather sacrifice the feelings and Jin Shiyi's. lying quietly under the moonlight, in the eyes of Li Qin regret, like even holier than the moon covered with a layer of brilliance, such as Li Qinmei sad twist, for a muffled cry: '! Good sister' secretly thought:. 'Unfortunately, but he was already dead,' Chung Show cried: 'junior sister apprentice, you, you' said: '! I, I did not cry,' they went to the window, opened the window, deep absorption of a cool air, quietly wipe dry the tears on his face. At this moment, the wind suddenly saw the trees, so there is a personal film, suddenly flashed disappeared. Liqin Mei Yang to surprise, exclaimed: 'World Heritage!' But I saw the moon in the sky, the wind stopped quiet tree, far looked out, in addition to a few little like humanoid stone outside, where there is nothing! Chung Show warble shouted: 'junior sister apprentice, you, you see who it?' Opens the door, he ran out, the same people who did not see anything. Li Qinmei