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from large eyes in the shot trace of cold, metallic voice sounded like, did not have any human feelings. Murder actually wrapped a thick crowd in which faint, Ding et al cited actually not the slightest resistance. 'Meet the white from the big witch.' Ding lead in the end is Daoxing to enter the territory of the angel's, the repair of blood nerve also kill tract supernatural powers, soon woke up from the shock, Yuan tire aiming yuan a move, suddenly prolapse momentum range from white, but the look was respectful of the lot, with a bow in hand line. White plays big witch nodded, suddenly closed its own momentum, the stars gods, White Wolf, who was so off each other's momentum, but also do not dare, respectfully line for a ceremony, said that the younger population, did not dare presumptuous. 'Why do you wait for this?' The white sake of one's own momentum has pressed the other, can not help but look hint of joy. He certainly knows a dozen guys in front are powerful role, the overall speaking, the strength of the Wu family Que Shibi strong this demon tribes are many. Front of these big dollars to get rid of the White Wolf, the remaining four small devil like lead, have already had angel's strength, but now lack the Divine Aura, day-dimensional door is not open, it has not recovered its strength . But if it is really fighting together, with the means Yaozu endless, the Wu family, I am afraid to eat a burned. Upon seeing that small lead, his face showing a look of embarrassment, said: 'Surely here is the big witch born of the land, had the scene too spectacular, but the younger generation, who knows, therefore also came a trip today to see also big witchTherefore come to see. ' '! Well, surely you are also the same name and of the general idea of ​​it,' the white from squinting his eyes, suddenly know the reason, sneered: 'You had to come, presumably saw this handsome seal left that road, immediately know what I mean, take this hand of the military spirit, the power to destroy the right way, or come today lanky black passenger out of the tent, subconsciously near the carriages to sweep the glances.He did not know, who also happens to be white lady looking at that dark hood in him.To the front, with some of the brothers talking Luosan Ye, one came over to see him, and quickly came up by herself, Bao Quan said: 'how, Dong Ye go, days go so late, is not here to rest one night ? 'The lanky black passenger surnamed Dong smile and shake his head and said: '! No, I'm ahead of thing there, Father Tan was busy, I do not have to bother, I say good-bye, several busy bar,' he did not say anything , red Luosan Ye Baoquan left.Luosan Ye did not talk too much, looking lanky black passenger surnamed Dong disappeared in the night outside the team, conjures up a strange expression on his face.-------------------------------------------------- xmwjw scanning, sword small world COR, old rain exclusive serialization floor: a man the guard came over and said: 'San Ye, I bet this guy is by no means an ordinary friend Tan old man, that would be in the middle of the night just friends go here, and this guy must have six doors in the Sun eagle. 'Luosan Ye said: 'I know, but I think he is doing here?'That guard, brother and said: 'I think he must have been for 'Desert Dragon' it exists thing coming.'Luosan Ye said: 'Dacheng, do you have the guts?'That the guard of a Young Brother eyebrows, said:. 'San Ye, Jiang Dacheng not say bold, you told that, Longtanhuxue, boiled in oil, it is a trip that is to go under.'Luosan Ye pulled up, Said: 'This night conspicuous clothes, change clothes to pieces.'Jiang Dacheng a car suffer a head nod forward in the past. brothers put them behind waved, said: '! Is late, the rest of the rest of it.'With his words, the rest of the rest, and he goes Luosan Ye also lay the ground covered.Jiang Dacheng looked and looked, kneeling on the floor and cried leg, whispered and said:. 'San Ye, not far from where it is less than settled, in front, but also in the Promised Land.'Luosan Ye 'Oh' to cry and said: 'At the stars from the temple in refined, and Zhen Fang use. Of course one is expecting Zhen Fang will beOnce upon a time this muddy lake, on the other hand, it is because the town Motoko this door is also owned by the master of Tianzhu Mountain, a time Tianzhushan momentum boosted Emperor does not want to win immune. We do not know the origins of the original Zhen Fang, but also know that no ordinary person. This day, working with the town Motoko Zhen Fang Lian streamers and stars in the valley, I saw stars and the next round after round from nine days, the entire valley was shining colorful, Purple vacated, little star, or did not enter into the two Ni Wan or the stars of the upcoming fall streamers formed among the numerous bars that stand stars streamers hanging down emptiness, white flagpole, faint streamer on it now, but it is Tiancan Si surface streamers woven, very dark, banner above the surface, but it is a refinement of the stars of a variety of patterns, or Dragon vacated, or roaring tiger, or basaltic honest, shy or rabbit, etc., presented on a variety of looks, Zhou stars all in which each absorb the essence from the Sunday Star primitive stars, these streamers, flags in the light of the stars shine, the more vigorous. The town Motoko Zhen Fang and two one person dedicated a banner flag. For the sun, moon both sides main streamers shot over Ni Wan little photochemical, run into, it is both the sun and the moon at the same time refining this two streamers. Suddenly, the town Motoko eyes opened, and a naked shot, sighed: 'Xiandi that someone came to the door.' Motoko Daoxing town far above Zhen Fang. That pig into a city of Kaifeng, which can sense the town Motoko, the moment could not help but sigh. But it is not good to speak. Zhen Fang Lueyisisuo heard, but also felt towards Tianzhushan Pig rushing over, glanced at the town Motoko, sighed:. 'Originally they do not so, but now it is to come to a catholic visible Heaven, own heaven, brother although some of its friendship, but in the end are