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have a real foundation, under the nick of time, still displaying the dead escape The insurance bills, see a situation is not good, a block Wu Jinzha Mangjiang left turn, right Yang knife to cut, taking the true power of more use to make a 'Guaimang turning' of the stops, the desire to change the vertical as flutter, step aside turn to the past, the only one on the floor, you can have a life insurance. Meanwhile enemy Tieguai Weaponry has been open to the fence, another volley body, the knife would not cut, the most passing, no naked, raw skill are smart agile mind. No such Po Hung designed to go in the well-known stunt disc spend only one in three feet would never expect to survive within the close, although the body vertical volley from the hands and mind agility corresponding Weaponry but, with the progress of the potential changes. Tigers knife just Shui Li Meng potential emergency, there is no use, only parry was two, still eating scored vital center. Po Hung answers, think clearly, a grid cut Shui knife to see the enemy, has long antecedents Quzhun momentum, Wu Jinzha hands slightly startled a twist, this slid. The situation was urgent tigers were always a belief doubled effort, to change the number of display? When the knife Shui hair, people are ready to turn over Wangpang this to the door wide open, not a masking body, mind a tight, dark, shouting: '! Not good' Just at that time, fast! Just listen to both sides Weaponry touching, two or three sound clank past, Wu Jinzha Dangxiong tigers have pierced in the past. Because the two sides were forced fierce, vicious tigers Xiongheng sex again, although stabbed, the body is still going to roll, knowing no injuries Fortunately, Jinu hearts and minds, teeth, roar loudly, it was Wu Jinzha Dangkai steel knife cut to his right hand again readily. Then Po red body is still vacant, Mengjue Wu Jinzha with a crooked to the side of the enemy, their strength is very large, quick-witted, left kick to go back to the tigers right arm, pulled since then. Tigers body a subglottic disciples, rushed up without any explanation. That leader is awaiting nether where to stop blocking a. I saw two Guanghua able Ningbi cliff sky, one black and one white, cross-phase revolving form a pearls of Tai Chi, which scored numerous Ashura congregation, have been torn apart yin and yang twisted, miserable Voices called endless, where there had arrogance, while others seemed to know all the Asura powerful, and quickly have stopped. And that they do not see black and white tai chi move, and turned it into a streamer did not enter into Shushan, as if never been the same. But nether leader but know that it is not black and white Tai Chi does not appear, but always appear in creamy cliff, because it is too pure rune of the Gang of Taiji force, the same as two appearances where dust array of front eye Since Taiqing rune has emerged that illustrate two appearances dust array has been turned on. Astrotech dust array Promise of Britain to melt all one to five acts of coal satisfied world of strength, as the magic of the imaginary. True to false, false is also true. No beginning endless. Huiming six points disillusionment and death. However, despite this array subtle, but not without leaving a trace of that room to kill the array. As long as life, death, dark, bright four into the array, are just magic array. As long as the heart is evil, malicious and cruel generation, there would not be life-threatening. And that magic, off two, but it was a meteor, God sand, wind day, evil siege. (Junzitang. *** Starter) if into them, it is really difficult to predict the life and death. But this is not life and death, the four-door Huiming as easy to find, under Taiqing rune to intangible tangible and intangible becomes tangible, too pure gas turned Vientiane, four-door If so easy to find, it is well-known big three realms Array of. Although the powerful leader NetherBut in the end not a saint. How can we understand the means of saints. The end is not a saint ants. Two appearances on dust array Shushan saint but