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, know my law practice and other Yaozu come from?' Kun Yuan cited two fairy king, sitting in the courtyard of a stone table. Zhen Fang laughed: 'or for different people to teach, or that the world granted, or heritage.' Kun-yuan fairy king nodded and said:. '. Reality is in fact even said how come no matter what, but ultimately come from the same source.' 'Where?' Zhen Fang hearts surprised. . 'Hongjun ancestors' old demon solemn, said: 'In the past when the early opening of chaos, Hongjun ancestors in the pass Zixiaogong Dafa, regardless of species, there is no class to teach, but there are differences of Heaven, their emphasis is different. I have Nvwaniangniang Yaozu, Fuxi Story, East Huangtai one, Emperor Emperor Chun, etc. I Yaozu heritage is, from the beginning, but later Lich war, so I'll wait Beastkin lost a lot of tradition, and later after the Gods, pity me hook practice of law, such as the supreme good, the moment gathering Zhong Yao, compiled Yaozu treasure 'Polaris bible', that heritage. But the years went by, Cang dog Baiju, I waited long lost hook Chen Yaozu bible heritage. So only by different people to teach other methods. ' Zhen Fang nodded and said: 'But let Pindao two DaoxiongChen Tian writing out the hook? ' Kun-yuan fairy king and trees demon heard this, looked at each other, laughing. Zhen Fang Qi asked: 'Is Zhen Fang wrong?' Trees demon heard laughing: 'While I waited for the alien, but I also know where the overseas shame though heterogeneous practice hard, but do not do nasty things this person but destined law, etc. What's more, even if I could... Chen got the hook bible, above practice, but also an angel can on it. It is also a fairy, but immortal is also divided into 369, etc., when the Monkey King is how much, but because too heterogeneous Road to heaven, too, but just to be Bima Wen, is giving the horse's owners. If I waited to mention immortality, but even on a Bima Wen do not. ' 'That's two fellow yes?' Zhen Fang mind is surprised, actually there are not a good percent warrior' Deng knees down, Du wind flick body, numerous steel rubble from him fall. Du wind Siqi different eyes that look is gone, lightly:. 'You're good, I won quite hard, but on the skills you even close.' Deng has been through the temple did not die, the body of the hardest skull to protect him, but also no battles of the force, only to see the wind picking up DU safe. He summon the last effort, managed and said:. '...... Tell me tell you just what to think.' Even death, Deng also first clarify each other's eyes look weird that wire is what it means. Du wind indifference and said: 'Just think, I have no possibility of the body in this state, to overthrow a four star ancient weapons without killing him, this is a very difficult challenge.' Deng fell to the ground to say a word. From start to finish, Du wind was actually considering these, if simply to kill themselves, perhaps already a thousand more concise method available. Easy to break the power of two-star four-star master, what is the story behind this guy. Deng has been very infuriating to use their own skills hundred percent efficiency proud, but now he felt he was just looking at the edge of the well and think Jing Diwa see the sky. From start to finish, Du wind when he was fighting with, the use of gas are two stars. Even when using the seven-star skills lance slight, just putA posture only. When the gas in the second star with the hegemonic power of the flesh, and skillfully wall as a prop, take Deng breath conversion blind spots, a break enemy. By external forces for their own power, by the enemy of the gap for their own machine. This is a way to force play to two hundred percent efficiency. Deng lying on the ground, I suddenly felt very pleased, glad that they are here to meet these opponents, his martial repair wellhead has widened the one day. Unfortunately, the whole body weakness, weakness, or else he will get up and follow Du wind away. Du safe wind picking up after Deng's side, deadpan authentic: 'to improve his strength event, even Turkey would like to pay tribute to your country of martial arts, please advise which come out' of the pack, although he had come to know just want to watch martial arts, but in the end he was invited to Meng Shentong people, we can not lose him again. However, even the ability to have such great compassion Jackson defeated factions in order to master status, naturally unwilling to fightOne time fee domains evil, actually can not think of a suitable candidate. After days of Don whispered: 'Ice E, you can win him.' Bingchuantiannv smiles:. 'I am not a native Chinese martial arts,' Don had been days are sure to win, but he has had bouts with Arrow in the Ice Palace Venerable once, and then went out with his contest, even though he was defeated, I'm afraid no one should give him a chuckle China. Suddenly a burst of laughter broke the silence, drag the Tieguai came out, haha ​​laughed:. 'I am also fortunate Lao Jiaohua dead end, especially to experience the secrets of magic monks' This laughter is directed Meng Shentong hair, Meng Shentong day, though not intentionally killed him, only use heavy Shura seventh hidden evil power, but they also think that he will be able to recover within six months, but would be willing to come out to contest, could not help a cold heart, thought:. 'Shaoyang Xuangong somewhat magical fruit, Lv Siniang if alive, would be today's, I'm afraid I will be able to Wencaoshengsuan end of the' Arrow Holiness does not know and Meng Shentong between The holidays, he thinks wing mid-year is the last match of the Ice Palace was in the old beggar, when he was with Don after day contest, finally lost a trick, when defeated, the smell Wing Chung has years of laughter. Now listen to the words of the wing mid-year, it seems contain sarcasm, only said that he is underestimated myself, can not help but anger dark life, coldly asked: Wing Chung on the Road 'But the main fact-wing than the weapons it?': 'It is, master ? has been more than a fist, and for a change to taste 'Arrow Venerable