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Tang big head, cold fronts onto the opposite, I like you like to experience the how 'Tang Xiaolan said:'?. as you will. 'Although he nuji rage is still losing auspicious moment ban noisy disciples personally former led the way across the thrill of climbing aboard. Wedding took place one day think of this thing, full house guests, which was not unusual courtesy, not wait for the nearby, act out; even one pair just weddings married couples. Also wearing a dress, to follow after the Tang Xiaolan officiate. Jiangnan hee hee laughs: 'This has always been the wedding actually no.' said: '! Funny you do, you have to touch the forehead wearing a' South smiles: 'Yes there is a little pocket of pain, but there is such a century sad fun to see, and not feel the pain! Ha, ha, you see them running to this couple wearing dress look strange, wait till after their children grow up, I want to get them to make fun of it! 'Zou Xia Xu again good and angry, funny, and said: 'you know, when you grow up almost a father to you, or so childish:.' Jiangnan dancing, shouted: '?!! Really Really Ha, ha, you are pregnant friends.' limit pinch him a very low voice shouted: '?.? chatter sound, you have to know what the lower sky cried for three months was a call, Penn is your cause, you still happy' South is also low voice said: 'You pregnant, how is myBlame it? 'Zou Xia Xu flushed,' broken 'and said:' Nonsense, I mean, you provoke trouble today! 'Thanks to everyone at attention Lisheng Nan action without listening for their philandering, otherwise, I'm afraid to make fun of other people think the south, have to turn to someone else to make fun of. With the crowd on the thrill of climbing duo Li Tang, I saw the ice stuffed with white girls have been waiting eight, have bowed to greet Lisheng Nan met, I said, 'Miss', it seems seems to her maid. group can not help but be surprised, though, to the knowledge and ability to be extremely Tianshan martial arts has been non-general, figure out Lisheng Nan noticing only within two years, to find such directly immeasurable merit Road fruit, but in the end is a merit achievement, so although it square robbery is immortal, but they can only sit Fire Dragon Cave, do not care. Otherwise, there must be before the meteorite body may, San Juan, apart Huangdi still somewhat magic, the rest of the emperor and imperial soaring land, there is no magic number. Fire Dragon Cave moment ago, the former San Juan stand holes, as if to greet someone, like a fleet of them, two apical angle; the left one, Phi leaves cover the shoulders, waist Butch of the skin; the right one wearing clothes emperor. It was Emperor Fuxi, to Emperor Shennong, Regulus emperor. When the San Juan Compliment can also only saints came to town. Sure enough, a moment later, the clouds roll, cries Dragons pass over, full of empty Daisy distant, dense gas everywhere, purple shine, but it is coming saints. 'Younger brother, father and daughter when you are at today reunion, congratulations ah!' Fu Chaos looked deep purple that a slowly approaching, his face a hint of joy when. Shen also heard this side of nodded and said: 'So it is thanks to the Red Cloud saints, or else where the baby girl had today.' 'Xiandi, San Juan as a whole, not to mention then you are a human family matter, is not, this is something you and I causality between the three.' Fuxi faint. 'After my baby girl, though, but also after my San Juan, which could not help her cause to end, and to whom?' Shen said suddenly. 'Calculated to Huang Dao Xiong really good ah! I am afraid that it is closing Pindao apprentice wrong.' Clouds suddenly wide open nowA dragon, the dragon on top, sitting with two people, a man dressed in pale blue robes, little stars on the robe, the atmosphere somewhat esoteric, seems to have the same melt in between heaven and earth. And at his side, but stood a pink dress Yuzhuo little girl, tearful eyes are looking to the Emperor Shen Nong. 'Red Cloud sages have seen.' Three Sovereigns not neglect, quickly greeted. 'But to kill off three Sheng Huang Pindao the