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grid, jingling sound. Numerous Daomang by her pieces of cloth out of the Gang Qi Zhen. She then slowly lowered to the hand, knife style sleeves have been crushed. Originally white jade arm, turned into a steel color. Crushed to Daomang integration into the palm of her, all the way along the meridians arm fast retrograde, headed toward her in the throat of the brain. Steel armor has completely enveloped the Du wind body, Ming Zu Miao knife gradually become the eyes and face mask on. Lu Ya murderously looked again and roared: '! Inferior style' Lu Ya sadly: 'bad style?' Her hair shawl then no wind automatically, cold tunnel: 'How dare you say that these junk!' Her backhand to beat up on his arm cut, it would only be Daomang invasive shoulder and broken hand. Dan Zhang Lu Ya pointing to the sky. Proudly: 'You can look down on the land Ya, but definitely not insult family division of broken dome ten style.' Du wind muzzle steel body armor Du wind roar out to the body, the rapid rise, instantaneous has tens of meters high, at its back out there edged up to ten meters wide-brimmed giant knife. That's what Du wind during knife fight over the grave once - One million weapons! Du knife grave in the wind against a million weapons, which did not cut Shendao Independence Day as a hub, and now millions of weapons, but is cut Shendao hub Independence Day launch, the knife still embodies the wind [Du knife clean break] Italy, was more powerful than the more than tenfold. If by this magic wielding steel giant blade, Lu Ya, I am afraid, petite body into a pool of blood immediately mud. Steel giant's hand to the back of a giant knife exploration, action suddenly stagnate. It is enough wind side of Du hands have been infiltrated into the scabbard, to physically cut severely pinch Shendao, Chen Sheng:. 'You Fast' His fall a little blue sleeve notes, just landed Du wind feet, kick it to the wind Du Lu Ya, cold tunnel: 'God seven cut style are here, as long as you live, one day we will meet again. ' Lu YaNose a sour,