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.Perhaps due to excessive surprise, young people worship began to cry.Yan Mufei not let him so his knees, and said:. 'Your Majesty Zhesha Caomin This is a'Busy picked him up.Young man stood up, but he could not lift their heads crying.Ji Gang aside and said: 'Royal Highness has come to be a major event has been assured that little Lord please just sad.'Young barely hold back, move sleeve wiping away his tears, raised a pair of tears, said: 'There are more than ten years have not seen grandson uncle of.'Yan Mufei busy: 'Your Majesty, this call Zhesha Caomin up.'Ji Gang aside and said: 'Royal Highness, and rightly so, depending on your Dynasty as brothers!'Young went on to say: 'Do you remember when the only old grandson, father king palace seen you again, after the grandchildren grow into, your last palace that once grandchildren ...... not seen you,In the palace did not stay long. 'Yanmu Fei said: 'Yes, Your Majesty, that Caomin come and gone ......'Ji Gang said: 'Royal Highness, you Caomin this word ......' said: 'As early as last year when my palace, Dynasty has also commoner me!'Young said: 'That is you want to do that, allowing stew not willing to say in my heart grandfather courtier mind, you will always be king Jinling nine thousand.!'Ji Gang said: 'When the little master was right, please stop shy princes.'Yanmu Fei said: 'These are insignificant things!'Ji Gang said: 'Otherwise, princes, you want this, little master how to get along with Jigang will?' laughed, and said:. 'I tell you speak.'Then, respectful young man seated.Seated, said:. 'These days, the bitter outside Kidnapped His Majesty His Majesty, I escort arrived late, unworthy big ancestors, a loading tray, hearts to feel uneasy.'Young Chung tears hear another word, he said:. 'There's nothing bitter bitter fall, you could see the sun people, something that is longer bitter heart is sweet touches Ji Gang, he followed me to run around, flee from home, ate bitter, suffered a tired, go through fire, blazing hard toil, ignoring their own safety. 'Ji swordsmanship, has always been left to her elbow Patriarch system due to the monk. Monk got off the law because of the true mass, proficient in a variety of martial arts school Mangshan, he does not know Xuannv swordsmanship. If so, he has Tieguai in hand, with his martial arts, different chip than Gu Zhihua, of course fear, and now his hands empty, it can not some bogey. Battle, Gu Zhihua sudden loud hoot wow, sword shocked, Douqi dozens of flowers Jianhua, resorted to the 'beyond the flesh incarnation, externalization sword Sword' stunts, all of a sudden there are several dozen sword Piansi simultaneously to Extincting monk stabbed. Extincting monk was shocked to know much, not with the 'empty-handed knives wins' Take the effort, taking the sleeves waved vacated leaps, but could hear the rain brush, his sleeves on both sides, gave Gu Zhihua cut to a length. He foothold yet, Li Qinmei moments like these machines, and immediately changed the defensive to the offensive, a move 'outer meteor', hand in hand, tracking stab! Off Air France monk said: 'You little girl dare to bully me!' Stature fledgling mean something long arm stretched, trying to catch the big gimmick of 'King Tak wins whip' tricks, backhand buckle Duojian put. He was Liqin Mei martial arts skills, and he was far from her mind never will. Unexpectedly Tianshan sword, also had 67 points furnace, which look suddenly changed defensive to the offensive, from the 'big Sumeru sword style' to 'Swift Sword' type, much like thunder burst quick change of , and Jian Shi Jie, the even bigger surprise a monk off method. But to hear the 'laugh' is heard, he did not touch the sword fingers, wristGive a cut of the wounds, but fortunately he was scaling back quickly, or else gave five fingers cut off. French monks destroy an idea to underestimate the enemy, repeatedly suffer, Youjingyounu. At this time, two female victory by Lee Valley Jigong, grab the upper hand, though the monks wrestle off France, but also a tie of Kankan. Strange yet to see chase. His home rapidly improve Du wind power in a short time, will reduce its life . If the soaring success can believe in another world, the flesh and the loss of life would have to be compensated. Joan - Luo Feile first come out strongly against it! The results calculated with her computer, only a few months a gradual, Du wind power is sufficient to complete the soaring and open space channel to ensure safe access to extradite members upon a time, there is no need to implement such aInsurance plan.  under coercion, extradition will be the leader of Yang Cheng-tao finally inadvertently broke the truth. The original intention of Yang Cheng-tao and not only contact and immortal, or even want, if possible, to a large base of tens of thousands of people soar upon a time, followed by slowly transition based upon a planet's inhabitants to go upon a time. So you need to open enough to walk through the whole city space base hole, you need more than soaring tyrannical power. Joan - Luo Feile shocked more crazy than to oppose and stop all their own research on the new 'Dawn', did not think Yang Cheng-tao has been based on the principle of electromagnetic clutch gun, developed a magnetic field can be tuned electromagnetic vibration machine body, in an instant the power of ancient weapons will increase several times. Perhaps in order to try the taste of a stronger force, DU has not stated its opposition to the wind. Desperate Joan - Luo Feile immediately extradited to opt out of the end will abandon the flesh become the electronic ghost perched on the network, all extradition will never nothing to do with her. A few months later, she learned from the network, the secret base extradition will appear distortions of space, followed by hundreds of miles human animal extinct so devastating large nuclear explosion. Extradition will end this mysterious organization, disappear from people's memory. Joan - Luofei Le sigh, she and Du wind shared memory on this point. Then what happened, exactly how soaring plan finally failed, only Du