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Tukou cloud, immediately awoke, three looking toward a slightly pulled himself together, made a sudden roar loudly: 'I am with you to fight!' Sound with the people, the 'Black Tiger Closer'Quasi-Di is the punch hit Dangxiong escape. Di lodged in his head shot fiercely seer, eyes parades, early materials and this, only a slight sneer, stature a little flash, as soon avoid. The man desperately desperate, anxious to escape the killing blow to Di, the body strength to be used in one pair of hands, about playing empty, know well. He still quite martial arts foundation, sole understand that no Qianpu. Was about to catch herself Bianzhao call, Di escape skill how rapidly, the potential long-sided, two shoulders at staggered like teasing a child in general, 'pilfering' Abduction has lived his arm along the back, followed by 'wolf Retrospection', turned off shape, as he left after the fight to the heart beat, 'A pair of' 'The Natural.' He stood side down, side stop Di escape, do not make the opening. Has not yet asked the man had first said: 'I would not say only issue you have to ask, but it refers to the seven monks do it tonight, Indiana.?' Hidden king said: 'This is natural to ask, and do not . The finish, perhaps, and your friend, at least give you a medical injury, let you walk 'That humanity:.' I just do not say one thing, you say hello. ' Hidden monarch to ask what his name, the man replied:. 'My name is Sue.' Then they said: 'I tell you the name, has been a shame for my family I was born to do refuse to say, had just refused to say. . It also refers to a 'hidden Jun laughed:' Well, do not say it anyway, I came for you, then you talk about the character of both the famous younger nephew, how and with seven finger it. '? The man heard this, immediately surprised face, turn asked:. 'I have since his debut, only seven monks I mean consciously not rivals, among the three, no one undefeated this money in my hands no friends played against, I can not say. You two, not only not an opponent, so good skill, and I screaming, I do not know what method he used, and actually make mine ancient body, back flash, Jian Shi a little crooked, slanting cut down, swept Zongyi over shoulders, cut a dress down slightly with a small piece of flesh and blood.This is actually pretty well Daqin swordsman comply martial arts rules, see Zongyi wounded did not continue to attack, Hengjian laugh shouted:. 'Old man, you can actually change of position with a pair of empty-handed with our family recklessly sixty strokes, although our family You win, but also feel very much appreciated. 'Zongyi hand on shoulder injuries, slumped authentic:. 'You fencing Maria, decrepit Xinzhe also grateful for the sword of mercy.' cushions laughed:! 'The old man you're welcome, and our family did just that sword mercy, you wanted to cut off an arm, but I do not know what method you use, the body will hit our family crooked. 'Zongyi face changed and said: 'You are too modest, why, how can decrepit body punches no time will you ......'Zhuoshao Fu suddenly laughed and said: '! Mr. Long Lao maybe Xiaguan were heroes of the call you soon ......'Zongyi is a changed face and said: '? Zhuo adults do not joke, just for how decrepit surname changed it.'Zhuoshao Fu smiled: 'surname can be changed, broken jade mountains Boxer boxing style and fresh Taking a pass but no one can replace, were heroes for what you want to do the rivers and lakes in incognito martial fame dynamic Xiaguan everyone well aware of? Su Yi Musical Zongyi but only at first glance as hidden dragon, there are four years of unknown messages, but do not want to be able to peek into today, really meet you up. 'Nangongyixiong also suffused with a look of shock tolerance, hug fist and said: '! Older brother you get me a good hiding tight ......'Zongyi wry smile and said:. 'Decrepit Maiming have Yinzhong really inconvenient ashamed ...... defeated today lost wind, especially unworthy fame previous years, or in the Dragon Pavilion, as the Santo please decrepit it.'Nangongyixiong actually can not say anything, of the people How could sit down these demons harm the earth, not as good as you and I work together to kill resulting saver, and let live, think? 'Then it will take the sword in hand, as long as a nod Zhen Fang, we must cut demon slayer. Zhen Fang swept nine fox demon eye, suddenly Jishou said: 'This woman is not divided forehead, apparently without the persons who, as yin, over Ni Wan, although Yaoqi, but no evil spirits, apparently less killings. of these people, Kongfei evil ones. Pindao Lianqi but people can have such merit, regardless of good and evil is, on the only good and evil. Although she is a demon, but it is not the evil demon, God has the virtue, the world among all creatures exists, must have their reasons. Saints had a saying Boulevard 1950s and Evolution forty-nine, there are one, one for good luck, one for life. Since she is not in evil ways, I and other people when Lianqi Sunchon line, otherwise the map by killing Kongfei good ah! 'Fang Chen's words, neither haughty nor humble, to put it in a reasonable situation, only one purpose, and that is in front of people, I you can not kill. English Song Zhen Fang Road BU know where to eat, soft and hard to eat. Just his remarks just want to find yourself down the stairs only. Zhen Fang had come to kill, but Zhen Fang merit so great, I am afraid that his master did not dare hands, so much merit, he killed the British loose, I'm afraid to say Mo tragedy, and fix a man-made tragedy he had not. Therefore, to kill monsters, deepen our relations with each other. As for the monster in the end is good or evil, is not he considered, and would like usual monsters killed, not a few, There are dozens of. For him, the monster is a monster, what is good and bad points where needed. Zhen Fang know where theory is only good and evil, regardless of good and evil person. Panasonic made a very let Britain hand is not, do not start no. 'Hey, good luck really is a real moral high Takayuki generation, no wonder that the laity can enjoy today be seen all Pindao