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red lady planted a big somersault, so he has to resign this Guanci, is to let go with both of you Zhouxuandaodi.'Futian Hao was shocked, sigh and said: 'Tan Compass is thereIs, as the death of pleasure, making also astonished, Tianchi Venerable Yi Tan said softly:! 'Miss Wu, Duron palace both men and women, in addition to martial arts outside Jingshan also are not afraid of dying madman also Because the underlying reason why it makes such a huge influence Duron house! 'Wu Yunshan asked: 'What method Duron saints actually makes these people do not order it?'Xuenv said: 'The truth is very simple, they take the art of picking up in their beauty, and the key to our comprehension of different cultivation, once in a year or two before the Withered and blood, not only can not beauty, face and aging much faster is fraught with problems, painful times, so they did not die a quiet, mostly before that time in the future, in order to die Kill solution, of course, do not care about being killed! 'Wu Yunshan hesitated and said: 'that is quite difficult to make them give in!'Tianchi His Holiness said: 'Off the martial arts moves in the United States and the United States already stronger than me, I'm only as good as the repair of internal forces, but they are holding hands with weapons, they make up for the lack of internal forces!'Xuenv said: 'Holy Duron set by three checkpoints often change, this was actually put the strongest lineup, showing that he still fears for us!'Wu Yunshan said: 'Duron Palace Palace always someone to break it?'Yuwen Qiong Yao said: after 'Easy Calm martial arts supervisor took over ten years ago, around the head of school of martial arts have told us for help, saying that they often have young disciples disappearance happened, until now have become unsolved today finally get the answer! 'Yu Shi Yuan said: 'It must be, and this is trying to lure blue Meng come, he has done martial arts supervisor, recruited candidates are naturally very convenient, if it spread it out, we would have to work together cold-blooded animals, murderer. Even the wind has to admit Du, Yang Ying super kind and strength of ancient weapons, plus the misconception that they have been disfigured crazy momentum, should, under the premise of not using wounding knife will fall upon her is quite difficult . Du wind suffered the heaviest since the birth of the first injury, and finally with a big star [hand] Luo Yang Ying uniforms. When Yang Ying Du wind just found cleverly cut open his own facial skin, face long been healed, did not even leave a scar after she fell to the Du Fenghuai in to sob. Then you just turn Yang Ying Du wind for him to leave for the dressing of wounds, said softly sorry. Women can attract men's charm shines nothing but three points: Motherhood, appropriate stubborn, moderate coquetry, Yang Ying actually three are prepared. When such a woman down in his arms when you cry and then laugh, even indifference Independence Day also can not remain indifferent to ourselves. Two exchanges, so miraculously began. Later, Xu Yuan and D lament actually do not understand is that women like to discuss the cold wind snatched themselves prey Du, Du wind is cold tunnel: 'My nickname is Independence Day, not a monk, nor is it a eunuch.' Think of Yang Ying, Du wind could not help a pain in my heart. Red pupil girl has hold on, hand tightly cover the face, blood continues to spill from the fingers, she choked back and said: 'There are some ordinary citizens, no fighting and the other ordering within three hours we gave. air purifiers, move out of town, or we kill everyone. ' Air purifier is the word, is no stranger Du wind. Twenty years ago, the extradition will end, one side trying to prevent World War II, is also expected to face the worst consequences of the pollution created after the world dedicated escape props. There are three things mainly: You can fall into the desert tens of meters underground, automatically expand into a tent shape [escape pod], twenty years ago, with the wind out of DU is such thing; bio-energy can