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a big dumb loss, to take away his disciples Meng Shentong about three rosaries really is unexpected things, no wonder Shaolin disciples looked frustrated. 'No one can imagine, this courage pain Zen Master issued a' day escape acoustic 'who, of course, Meng Shentong, --- If they choose not, just bits invited to the people, it is more terrible!' Jackson said Mercy After, sighed and said: 'Before this, although there are many legends on the rivers and lakes, said Meng Shentong how magical powers, we believe the total is not large, and now the years, this odd supernatural powers, I am afraid, far from the gun almost beyond our imagination! 'The second day is the duration, early in the morning, the factions of leading figures, and giveA rally, generally acclaimed the selected host Mangshan Conference. Zen Master and golden master pain respected, pushed for the deputy chair. Cao Kinji to the identity of the owner, the factions leading figures, because of courtesy, please help her chair. Morohito seat, black tannoy oldest, but everyone in elected vice preside when his name did not raise heart secretly without music, but the look did not show it. Deploy properly, factions disciples, heroes, and Cao Kinji wake of mighty Shenni cemetery enter the contact arm pain Zen Master, the tomb is a large lawn, just as the contest venue. Cao Meng Shentong Kinji appointment time is noon noon, there is a half hour, representing factions disciples good position, surrounded by candles and arm Shenni Lv Siniang two graves became neat columns about Jiugongbagua formation, waiting Meng Shentong arrival! Zen Master pain suffered yesterday, when already spread, everyone's mood a bit heavy, no one dare to belittle the right Meng Shentong. Wow no silence on the square, just up a needle fell on the ground could hear loud! A little bit of time in the past, hundreds of eyes are watching the import cemetery, the sun is about to rise to the head, and Meng Shentong aspects of a person does not even show up! Cha disciples could not help shouting weakness cast this big mistake, apologetic Promise. Fortunately, Shun China Jirentianxiang, not only saved the day, anti-achievement a happy marriage, from Jinwucangjiao, should men have to celebrate, congratulations. Following is described himself stumble forward, difficult Mifeng. Other abnormal rebuke, sooner or later there must be ominous fear, family Huangji, disturbed sleep eating. Iron veteran before your visit, I discovered that not only does the female concubine door, the heroine, but also with Tonggui valuables. Iron veteran to this treasure, looking for many years; recently I discovered the whereabouts of known Liu, Yu Shi Qi Laoqin two, especially Ken told his letter, willing Chongchou transfer. Knowing that guilt as a mountain, then there should not be presumptuous request, but unfortunately the crisis has forced the whole family, young and old, non-ferrous veteran can not save. Moreover, such a fetish of the most coveted Master rivers and lakes, curios than Kim, I kind of people you can non-tenure, adequate stay strong into trouble. Although Takeo concubine, eventually also save live. So sooner or later, its victims, how about transfer out, both eligible Chongchou, but also security and peace. Forcing yourself thing hung upside down, Left, for letter Bong Su, Service liberal Qian Qian Wang. Shi Qi read in many years of love, Teci Shuyun, this treasure is about to come personally, uh deep recycling. Iron veteran, now the paladin, Kunlun, Yaya-class character, had taken such exploration capsule to know Dement philanthropist, unwilling to take strong, so make the letter interface Ken, to pray for detailed consideration, careful Kaiyun. You really want something, do not you will be able to escape the timid, it would say so good, save as people Hucai. 'Shun China also followed questioning. The young girl said: 'Like I said, all is not due to his wife, although sensible, not like vulgar Women Current, we boudoir dependents, the end is Wenxiu, I did not realize the political arena ferocious savage acts naturally has his reasons, but I do not seem to need to tell you. . ' When it comes to these words, she did not want to let the soil seems strange to hear the sound with acoustic line cemented into the secret to the DU wind ears. Du wind leisurely said: 'You is in the base, and has been playing humanoid cents tendons and bones completely destroyed, forced into the cocoon state it?' Su girl unwittingly install the interface:. 'A' Only tell half the words she suddenly awoke, slightly sullen secret and said: '! You set my words.' Su loaded girls Moran said: 'I was his teaching out ......' Here she was covering his mouth, to Du wind glare, I thought I did not realize this solemn man actually so crafty, instant has been cheated out of Du wind word. Du wind indifference: 'The Sanxialiangxia be able to guess the secret, the secret of it so good?' Su girl dress sense of a strong hatred rampant again and said:. 'After my father's account and you will naturally be liquidated, but now, I will be forced to cooperate with you.' Du wind Changshenerqi, eyed and said: 'Once upon a messenger of tens of thousands of men have a humanoid Sally39s ...... there is such an enemy, you have to wonder every effort to induce me to New York, I guess horsepower plunge into you belong Under the liner, you also have all been by my hands clean sweep of it. ' Su installed as the default language is not the girl, Elsie wind lightly: 'What is your name?' Su loaded girl ignored him, Du wind shook his head: 'ILee Han say you can cultivate such a good daughter, I say that to him the words of apology. ' Su loaded girl once said: 'My name is Li Han, conservation of Han.' Then immediately stare Du wind. Hoping he can say about his father to twelve Baomei story. Du wind looking sank: 'You really are very good, but you come out to see my father even have no courage, I almost suspect that you are not his daughter.' Li Han surprised a moment, then the whole body shiver, shouted: '! Du Wind' Her body sends hot flash, beat to beat Du wind,