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attack other soldiers around. Those who had not been intercepted off the spores of a landing, just as rooted in general, the rapid growth of countless tentacles out deep into the ground, drawing a certain matter or energy, and flowers and trees wither on the ground quickly, going to the dogs. Charred, rotten soil at breakneck speed expansion of the river all branching off into a green, a barren earth, as hell ............ ' I write to you, he clicks on GOOGLE save and close the file, rubbed some red eyes, took a deep breath, picked up a pack of cigarettes on the table, out of the two, give yourself a diffuse bar Adams reasonable point of support after a deep squint, then slowly spit out a smoke ring. Then turned around and looked at me, handed out low-quality three dollars a pack of cigarettes in the Okanagan, slowly authentic: 'What does not kill ...... Do you smoke?' Felicity, Rimbaud, Caesar and Jester couple all looked stunned him, Rimbaud was surprised and asked: 'Do you know ...... you die, it is impossibleLight, TRW swordsman Bu Zheng Qing Pu, these people are stomping universal trembling figure.Palace Siu Hung slight chuckle: 'Master allowed without the next, and asked my followers problem itself first been rude, how strange that they ignore it?'As one stunned. 'They would be your four followers?'Palace Siu Hung smiled and said: '!? Ji five of your own to tell him.'Ji Youde Stern said: 'Yes, the four of us have invested in the master door, and now the son was ordered to follow up work, if any, then just head to the son that good!!'Bent face is scared Yung said: '! Son of your father is the one who is an expert.'Palace Siu Hung smiled and said:. 'My father Nangongyixiong, native Qiantang next Palace Siu Hung, upholds Fuming, go traveling, but also experience the look of the world fencing Jueyi'A scared: 'The door can get four swordsman follow, your father's accomplishments in kendo must be a divine.'Palace Siu Hung slight chuckle: 'extraordinary holy man not when, but my father a little experience steps. Emei a disciples, cheers Ray move. To know the golden age guru in seventy away, a child he was a monk, xiu Emei Heart within authentic home, tired of sixty years of skill, did more than usual? Meng Shentong though Joe had a half north sea martial arts secrets, but also what three years, on the pure deep internal strength, the end is slightly better gold master. But never shrill end, Meng Shentong second metacarpal has been hit, the golden big brother shot the breeze with only the most Tough Road King Zhang Li, still dealing with a hand whisk cloud, more than a minute ago internal forces, a touch palms, Meng Shentong Tough sense the force suddenly vanished, between lightning, then transformed into hanging heavy ninth Zhang Li, from Chunyang into pure yin palm was indescribable cold, it kind of yin evil of the gas between the twinkling of an eye, the golden master invade the body. Meng Shentong picked this realm and Vajra Prajna Zhang Li, has been in the martial arts is unique characters, more powerful is that he could have these two very different types of martial arts, at the momentBetween sudden conversions, such as Rao is golden master that skill Shenzhan, can not help heart startled, though he immediately apply body care magic, the body of the cold virus divergence, but also strength injured. Golden master back three steps, heel end steady, overcast evil roar, cold osteoclasts, Meng Shentong has been called the second metacarpal, golden master eyebrows pricked, Chen Sheng said: 'Bangladesh donor struggling with force, the old Carolina This is a few bones on vapid paid you! 'palms intersection, sound like Yu Lei, Jiang Li suddenly saw both on the spot, like two stone! The original gold master then has to hold the determination of self-sacrifice, he picked up after Meng Shentong beat up, knowing his skill to deal with heavy Meng Shentong ninth, Yingjie two palm up, to the The fourth charge, there is no certainty of defense, to the fifth metacarpal is bound to suffer serious injuries to his status as