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and left His Majesty, however, if the employer properly Majesty, let him feel at ease to do a prince of peace and prosperity, not force him, he was never willing to defy world opinion , revolted wins bits. 'Young man exclaimed:. 'You're right, you're right at that time in Beijing, where if you ...... Well, this may be an act of God, I probably did not deserve to be king.'Yan Mufei: 'The most important thing is to listen to His Majesty Deng Yu Huang, then in Hutuohe a war, chicken will, misuse of Li Wenzhong Li Jinglong son.'Young said: 'You put a little too good, I was always defeat, the conquest of the Great General Gengbing Wen only three hundred thousand troops keep the system really set in, making Di-tert not dare grab its front, but why do I listened to the words of Huang Zicheng. ' said: ' can be said at the time the only remaining veterans, when he had more than sixty of his youth, Changxing, Zhejiang Shou Shou Dynasty for a decade, with Zhang Shicheng confront each other, the size of the dozens of war, invincible. followed by the Northern Expedition expedition, repeated grams city, plot function closures to 'Changxing Hou' though is the son door, but it is full of dude, how comparable Gengbing Wen battle veteran. 'Young said: 'Why not, I think, regret was that he wanted to die sit mistake Rong machine, to go around.Large welcoming banquet, the two leaders were speaking at the banquet.  West praised the traditional friendship between the two peoples in his speech, emphasized expanding mutually beneficial cooperation between the two countries is conducive to the development of bilateral economic and social development. He said the visit has not kill paramount importance, is both of us would like to be a symbol of bilateral relations to a new stage of substantive development. West China will strengthen cooperation for the establishment of a more just, solidarity and prosperity in the world to make greater contributions. Kill in reply said that Spain and branch offices at both ends of the Eurasian state, making her moves only slightly solidified Yisha only. Just between this instant, a dense mass of Leiguang butterfly encirclement, revealing numerous scattered light, vague can see Du wind waving the knife to his own. He was still a world free of dust, thunder, and wind Du's body turned into ash. General Ghosts gun tomb footsteps all froze, maybe ten million kinds of methods to determine the winner, Mrs wind chose the most extreme kind. Die. Independence Day and Raytheon, for at that moment full of ash. Luo Feile face tears, cried and shouted: 'General, vampires, fast ......' Daoguang flash, all the metal ions and bloody grudge is truncated. General Yiliaoyisheng said: 'Independence Day is holding us back.' Layers of Leiguang butterfly chase with gray Rushing, withAnd stir in a dust, chaos among the continuous generation of shape. Xu Yuan muttered: 'destruction, regeneration.' At that moment he seemed if the Wu, representing the destruction of the world clean, and LEI butterfly represents the regeneration, in two diametrically opposing forces hit the post, might be able to find a subtle level also unknown. The more power in terms of a single, Du Li Han is still slightly better than the wind, the wind is the clever use of DU this point, forcing Leiguang butterfly on the world clean, so there must be a man last regeneration. Xu Yuan can not help but slumped, the ancient martial skills, this is the highest level of the passage of time, far beyond the realm of promise far can understand. After obtaining armed thought vindictive and armed spy vindictive, he should slightly better than Du wind a chip, but now it seems, but the gap between the two widens up. He re-look into the battlefield. With the power of regeneration Leiguang butterfly, what will be who you are. Dust gradually condensed into a proud standing in the shadows, a small fox happily exclaimed: '! Independence Day win.' She has not pleased a second, Du silhouette slips wind dissipated, replaced by a petite figure. Small fox secretly ' said:'!. That must be the emperor he was not allowed to say, deliberately teasing you play 'Barry Super said: 'This is a something, the emperor and I sit on the same play, and his wife was given the Queen, she took me everywhere I visited it say she was coming home so years girl ah!. were you point out that it is clear that all concubine and Gonge thing. 'In the food and drink, and to name the Baoshu De said: 'A super, why you think the emperor would Linglong cup hard giving you reason?' Bai Lichao shook his head: 'Maybe I did not accept it and jade jewelry of strike ? 'Baoshu De waved and said:' You are wrong as the emperor of the martial arts expert, he must have seen your abilities while pregnant with nowhere to use, but also to see your faults committed in the school not the external work, he gave this cup! to you, that is to get rid of the ban on the cup you can, ban a break, you will be absorbed Linglong piece, then you can learn martial arts Bu Wei, never forget even more so your internal strength increased to a very pre-It the emperor's efforts, you must bear in mind not forget. 'HundredIlk are innate, not to mention just one hit Zao, almost hit the seriously wounded, did not think blink of an eye, when under attack again, but it is safe. Wu Zhiqi heard laughing, playing in the hands of the iron bar is more powerful, or points or knock or drop or sweep, they play a set, fighting instinct to play the most, three lights flashing around Shenshui Bao Yingying light, vaguely between violet dichroism hazy, slowly enveloped the entire space. National Division King Buddha though also to suppress famous monster, but are based on Dafa force repression, when this situation occurs, the person is not magic, though not high, but it was far from fighting supernatural powers that they can be compared, in the hands of Fangtianhuaji although powerful, is only a pity that they do not use Fangtianhuaji, can only be treated as an ordinary piece of Lingbao to use. Wu Zhiqi mighty, between the hand is broken