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heart, on the one hand is to save his father from the abyss of sin, a regard also to the head of the senior sister apprentice door from the dead to saveOut, then all criticism, and even criticized what Kim Se sent him a lot of money, and her heart illegal channels: but for the safety of my heart, I know my sins, by him! 'Unfortunately, Jinbi Gu Zhihua willing to wronged themselves, self-sacrifice, her purpose is still not reach it when she just thought that hope of success, the Meng Shentong look suddenly changed, light, said:.' You It said three things, I can not do one! 'Father and daughter love, and finally no match ambitions to dominate the martial arts, and more specifically, the bit extreme pride made him see after repeated domains, and finally made up his mind, he can not be about to hand victory occasion, but to their own The despised enemy knees for mercy, 'Besides, I run the risk of their lives, going through untold suffering Wan, this martial arts secrets obtained, for what? 'Miss this, never mind stand! This moment, all are desperate Gu Zhihua, Meng Shentong voice was calm, even with a bit Ci, and, but for her it is nothing more than focus thunder and the top, once next day to speak to Rotary , crumbling Meng Shentong smiles:. 'Silly boy, you have a father not invincible better? 'Gently pushed her, and walked with Cao Kinji that side, every step will flow murderous one point, but he had left was San Sibu, also catch up. Meng Shentong a frown, but also the end of the talk , only to hear the 'delete' is heard, Gu Zhihua Shuanghua has already pulled out the sword, Meng Shentong said coldly: 'What you want with my enemies? 'Utah last words, suddenly reversed between Qingfeng saw Gu Zhihua, sword to poke to his chest. Cao Kinji' oh 'sound, called the out almost at the same time Hou, followed only to hear' when ' soon, a glaucoma, vacated dancing, Gu Zhihua sword sell, fell to earth, Meng Shentong stepped forward and grabbed her hands together! It was at this same time, however, Hou, Meng Shentong two you can win the discipline someone, someone immediately around itself Ji hands down with you, Ren Chaoting treason punishable crime.'Yanmu Fei said: 'I would also like Sun too.'Ji Gang said: 'If someone even discipline can not hold their own, naturally it can not be too reinsurance Sun!'Yanmu Fei said: 'That's good.'Ji Gang said: 'If someone Cheng Ji make it?'Yanmu Fei said: 'I have a word of command so do not worry, do not without anger, I think the command to not have this opportunity!'Ji silk eyebrows Yixian, said: 'So I say just in case!'Yanmu Fei said: 'Well, the command to plan how to do?'Ji Gang said: 'Fortunately, no loss Wudang, I is not difficult for you, if you could go to report, within the immediate withdrawal of Wudang sphere of influence!'Yanmu Fei said: 'make, while also leaving something ......'Ji Gang said: 'What things?'Yan Mufei raising his hand!'I have this hands!'Ji Gang said: 'OK, you and I whiz, you make it work!'Yanmu Fei said: 'command so I do not have the habit of Xianxiang man hands, not my Jiaokuang, it is I who have never undergone Xianxiang!'Jigang a nod, and said: 'Well, respectful than from life, my first hands-on.'Then down, strode gaining Yanmu Fei, still five feet across, Dangxiong is punch.Zheyi seemingly banal,It comes from the real world when the second players, why would mediocrity?Yan Mufei not neglect certain God, quite palm sealed up.Quan Zhang phase, slammed the palm, Yan Mufei stature did not move, but Ji Gang burly body flashed a flash. His face changed, Ningmu said: '? You exactly when the world in which one'Yan Mufei indifferent a chuckle: 'command so, please let me when the world experienced the second players say after his secrets!'Ji Gang Meng nodded and said: '! Mentioning' attack probe palm up.Yan Mufei stature did not move, then buckle wrist arm wrist turn.Ji Gang tiger sank wrist, pointing out to Yan Mufei palm.Yan Mufei a slight chuckle: 'command is able to escape the first person to make this caught me!'Arm up Yi Liao, Chen Wan split down.'Each other.'