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continent, far away, but a long history of exchanges between the two peoples. Such as the invention of papermaking as early as 1000 years ago, the creation will spread to Europe through Spain. The two sides have jointly promoted by the ancient Silk Road, alternating Eastern and Western civilizations. In recent years, West China cooperation in all areas of rapid development, the two countries and the two peoples tangible benefits. That night, there such as China and the Spanish royal entourage party members, cabinet ministers and all walks of life together more than 100 people participated. 3rd night, Su Dequan Chairman and kill his girlfriend Felicity held a family dinner, warm welcome them to visit Kyushu. ........................ The evening of 3 January 2007, Felicity and I can finally put down for a day to keep a smile, no way, or the passion of our people, but fortunately I'm not ordinary people, this has been uncomfortable smile down nothing touches hard Felicity a. Looked at the head of the Republic of Kyushu, President Su Dequan, I could not help but sigh, if I was an orphan before that, I am afraid that life can only stay in the country, to see his old on television. People's fate hangs in the balance indeed, never thought I was able to sit in the President's now home, and he and his wife face to face, eating the most traditional family dinner, chatting the most common, but the small talk, and even the guards are not arrange a, only me, Felicity, the Soviet Union President, Mrs. President of Miss Zhang Nala. If you let the people see the country, do not know how he thinks. 'Undead will drink it?' Sue asked me President smiled. I did not expect such a sentence would ask the President, but also did not think he would be so kind to call me, but I did not feel awkward, as ChairmanRequisition horses, delayed a lot of time. He wanted to gather five hundred thousand horses, and even six hundred thousand. You know, war is not something more than human. 'Yan Mufei nodded and said: 'Soldiers in the fine