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but the Blue Meng did not put on the fact that the martial arts of conspiracy, arranged on a whirlwind various pastures and only we know, not to mention in Yueyang, only people do not represent the martial arts and oversight, it is likely there! Many people sympathize with him, this does not constitute a charge against him, not as Emei evidence! 'Yuwen Qiong Yao said: 'how to do it?' said: 'Dear husband got there right also look at the situation, we are both in chivalrous for the heart, naturally calls everything bright, can not resort to coercion, I believe Emei Should complain with dark-blue Meng, a guilty conscience, must. There are clues to be found, to seize the tangible evidence, not afraid of them rely on it! 'South Biao said: 'Sajia advocate evils, and since we know Emei unreliable, you do not polite to them, I think we all understand the same!' yuan sighs: '? Did I do not think so, but you did not take into account, if not dodging blue Meng succeed, even if the whole door off Emei, to do what is up.'Xue Jiao Jiao said: 'Yu Meng main fact to consider extreme blue to single-handedly if desperate, get rid of a large number of people out of Emei die, he sacrificed a Emei and do not care, we have become a public enemy of the martial arts, the main fact to Yu and Ms. Owen teamed. certainly not afraid of the enemy rallied martial arts, but to sympathize with those who became blue Meng help, it is a big mistake. I ask then, people whether two carcasses to make the world people? 'This statement is also the south BiaoBlue stripes come in gray cloth and wiped his mouth with phlegm coughed up a will in the hands of the package on the table, picked up the fan, the old man said get out 'stop repeat' and then laughs all the way to the public cafe nodded, slowly walked on stage to go. Then they walked a dozen patrons of the three prisoners, all the rest is designed for listening to books from the patrons. Another waiter, one hand holding a small basket in one hand and a bunch of hot fire bamboo printed books chip, respect you a cup, we make concerted efforts, will be able to punish the person to make the world martial arts! ': Jin Shiyi ground glass, eyes glance, to find Lisheng Nan beat him with a wink, Jin Shiyi laughed:' I can drink is not good, and your little cup that I am with you for a cup of it! 'Fortune said, then quickly put prosperous Makino Simon wins over the wine, and the other is a stride Lisheng Nan came to his back, arms stretched, Gouzhuo his neck, Simon Makino could not help but' ouch 'sound , puts a hand to send yourself a glass of wineIn the past, Simon Makino was furious and said: 'You, Hello rude bite yo, yo ......!', Then not yet been finalized, and opened his mouth, Jin Shiyi of the wine they pour into it! Simon Makino also exceedingly terrible, between the flash of light, a cross dizzy, Lisheng Nan hastily let go by day Lo footwork to avoid, Simon Makino left a beat, 'when' is heard, the glass floor, immediately fly to the ground Liu Guang from a fire, but it has a small glass of wine poured into his days, Simon Makino mouth a spit, a surge of wine Ming Jin Shiyi spray to go, at the same time, he also shot a surge of color sleeves in smoke . But Jin Shiyi action faster than him, laughed, had already grabbed Simon Makino about two accomplices, like the sides of a shield made. The two men were toxic smoke smoked a blind eye, another was poisoned wine poured into the surface, at once, such as a fire, charred dough! Jin Shiyi shouted: 'You just said to me Lulitongxin, noticing secretly poison?' Change accidents, shocked the audience, the common phenomenon of too scared to stay. Kou Fang Gao hastily stopped in the middle of the two of them, cried: 'have something to say, there is something to say!' Simon Makino hiss cried: 'This kid is clearly to undercover, Sagong adults, you have to shelter them?' Simon Makino A total of fifteen partisans, in addition to the master and nothing more has been spent Pente Brothers martial arts, the other twelve Huang Yiren swarmed together, surrounded by two gold Li, a little hint of interference. When the two emerged tip of the iceberg in the desert city. Independence Day Du make cold wind was very moving; When the two appeared in the arena, make the supreme control of the horsepower in the world bar too overwhelming forces. I am afraid that this momentum will only extradite year end when ten people gathered. Only geomancy match. Guang shook his head and said:. 'If you do not cover off your gas, to be trouble.' Liu Ji overlooking day quietly near his ear and said: 'Just tie contacts and horsepower spent half of our accumulation, and the rest in order to save the point, can not be wasted on useless things such shelter..' Guang looked around and said: 'After the unmasking we can not sit quiet on this position.' Yoo Ji-day sights Du Feng, who is located, laughing YinAuthentic: 'Well, go there.' Yoo Ji-day arm to arm in the direction of Du Guang wind around, countless eyes cast on her, to the envy of jealousy obsessed nothing is there. Yang Luo Feile and zero are staring at her, a face slightly transparent white, a bright red face slightly, and Liu Ji-day charm compared to their charming like a little girl. It is a sky without stars, only half-hook Mei Qing Qing like months. Du wind also look more important than who should concentrate on, see a trace of the heel from the hair does not leak. Guang sound condensed into a line penetration Yoo Ji-day ears:. 'Little Princess, what cold warrior can not hold your charms.' Yoo Ji-day smile, shaking his head and said: 'Unfortunately, he did not look at me.'  did not get permission, Liu Ji day own decisions according to Du wind side, tilted his head with a very pure expression at him and said:. 'Look, I see so seriously, what you're thinking.' Du cold wind tunnel: 'I think there is someone has said she has no rival, and now she found.' Small fox looked ferocious willow days Kyi, who apparently put wind Du Yang Ying, she had to admit, in front of this woman is indeed qualified and Yang Ying match. Nevertheless, she fiercely powers resorted to the limit, just ignore everything around the wire. Qin Jian given block in front, in front of numerous Jianguang strikes, will stand in front of all gave destroyed. 'Where to go!' Before Temujin coldness flash, all the more surprised to find a way out of the boy, stand in front of their own, and they hold a Yu He, countless white dots flashed box, Temujin pending a closer look, the fleet whole body white powder flying, vacantly Meng Meng, can not see the slightest actual situation. Under the mood angry, loud shout, over Ni Wan, heard the cries of Dragons, a Yushan fall down from the sky, now South Korea Duron's head, the sound of the scream came, suddenly smashed brains burst and die. Lihou again to hear the sound of the sound came, Temujin fleet emerged around a Dragon, the physique of a vigorous, if the clouds, four claws publicity. A Road flame spray out from Longkou. Temujin laughed seeing stature is no longer dodge, sneered: 'finally hit a gold fairy illustrates teach, but soOnly. 'Then open Xuepentaikou, showing the prototype, and saw a bird or a human face itself. There are four meat wings back, chest, abdomen, legs and six feet, the whole body red scales, hands empty Zhang, readily a fishing , but it is the Dragon's Tail in hand. It illustrates that teach Kim Sin Huanglong Huanglong live, but unfortunately, although a strong heart, but not their ability. Affected by their own qualifications, but now it is only the early stages of a large Luo Jin Sin it. Where is the quasi-holy Zhai hands. Just felt a huge magic to control his whole body. Unable to move. 'This figure also illustrates actually be able to teach a column called Twelve cents.' Temujin hand gently pull, it will be pulled over Huanglong real, mouth a hint of sarcasm color. Neglects. 'Ow!' Lombok Russia slowly falling tear, Huanglong reality suddenly audible sound shrill Dragons, is so mournful and desolate. Temujin hearts are trembling even for a moment, but was soon replaced by the cold. Sneered: 'Do you want to