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would rather die than accept this nasty condition!' said: 'He would promise, and his devotion to the political arena is not for fame and fortune, but for the peace of the martial arts, blue Meng immortal, no peace in the world, his death could not decide by themselves ......'Green shadow did not speak, in fact, she can not bear the expense of Shushi yuan! Xuenv said: 'Then tell them to hand over the antidote!'Moli Sha said: 'Yes!'Guan Mei Mei has said: 'Slow to four other people are revived, yuan but not!!'Xuenv said: 'We are mainly talking about is Yu Gongzi!'Off the United States and the United States said: 'Shushi dollar man I heard, Wu Yunshan though promised, but he refused to give way to some, and if he is conscious, who can not take orders from him!'Think Wu Yunshan said: 'It is down, then you put the other four antidote Zhao Luan bow in silence, hands to rub the paper's pulpy, teeth and said:. 'He hates the world of ancient martial Association' Xu Tan curiously asked: 'Then why ......' He seemed endless questioning touched nerves Zhao Luan, Luan Zhao angrily roared past him directly: 'You well-born family of greenhouse flowers bullshit, Xian Qi now so popular, people will be able to easily get Samsung above the level of force, Grace jujitsu no student, no student how to survive! ' Xu Tan face up purple blue, Zhao Luan snappily authentic: 'I'm sorry, but hit no matter what, I will not be lenient..' Du wind reached over and picked another paper fall to the ground, and gave Xu Tan silent, his face solemn. Xu Tan has seen a strange wind from Du eyes, picked up the paper could not help but look stunned, paper and slowly slipped from his hand down. The paper was about forty years, middle-aged eyes sparkle. Xu Tan face and generally goes. Above screamed 'TAN Sheng, president of the Russian Association of ancient weapons.' Just still roaring after Zhao Luan glanced also silent, and who can see this and what is the relationship Xu Tan. Du wind lightly:. 'In the immortal gas enveloped the ancient yourself, no matter what happens, you have to set it in stride, you promised me 'Jin Shiyi heart quiver, secretly thought:' Does she already knew I had to commit suicide ? Is the Chinese idea of ​​poisoning has been deep, no rescue, ' said:'? You promised it, you promised I was assured the antidote to. 'Jin Shiyi hesitated a moment, and said:' Well, I promise you. 'Lisheng Nan ghost of a smile, said:' World Heritage, I hope you more to work harder on the martial arts, you will become a future beyond the previous martial arts master, I used to be your wife, to your success day, no matter where I am, and I like you happy conjunction. 'Jin Shiyi listen to her speak very sincere, I thought:' Is Joe North sea to want to give my secrets? 'Jin Shiyi although not dilute ammonia, but also deeply touched by the moment and said:' Thank you for your kindness. Thank you expect, I try to do is go. 'Words are so to say, in fact he has not dispelled the idea of ​​suicide exhaled, and said:.' You are the most important person CIGNA, you promised, I can rest assured. 'Jin Shiyi hearts ashamed, trying to suppress their own, let her see that he is insincere said:.' Well, this Yu Xia you take it. 'Jin Shiyi took over, and said:' Do you have something to say? I'm leaving! 'Lisheng Nan said:' You come, let me see you again, ah, let me a kiss you! 'Jin Shiyi the already hate it, and somehow, when it is extreme excitement, can not help but kissed her this instant, Lisheng Nan eye brow, full of laughter, a Piansi flowers blooming roses, she whispered and shouted: 'World Heritage, you actually love me ah! 'Suddenly the smile, Rose has withered bloom caused by tilting moment between the! Jin Shiyi inexplicable horror, to speak in his embrace of is gradually turn cold! Original Li and Tang Xiaolan wins another competition in the internal strength, with the 'demons disintegration Dafa,' the body and blood corrupt, heavy internal injuries, all relied on her internal strength scary, barely support to this very moment. And now she