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shouted:' No, no! World Heritage, thank you for this time will I save, but the best we stop the next phaseThe! 'Gu Zhihua seems because too excited, gasped a few words, then cough again and again, but felt so weak, stiff Jin Shiyi four branches weeping and said:.' I dragged you all, depriving you almost killed, no wonder you will not forgive me! 'Gu Zhihua said:' No, I do not blame you. Indeed, Lisheng Nan wretched harm me, I would be very happy! 'Jin Shiyi feel stunned, Zheng Zheng Gu Zhihua suddenly smiled and said:' fool, this did not understand it, you want to imagine why she against me, and if so, if ...... 'cough a few times, not go face appearing on a JiaoHong. Jin Shiyi suddenly, to know the reason why victims Lisheng Nan Gu Zhihua, of course, is because of the exigencies of Jin Shiyi love Gu Zhihua, while Gu Zhihua was a murderous but happy, it also revealed she already knew the gold . World Heritage mind the Jin Shiyi beside her whispered: 'You are tired, take lying down, and I put the two words for you out. 'If, if you make her Heart to do so, she will lay violent hands it to me?' Gu sister, you want to say is not two words? ' chair with pillows silent, but her face was pale hint of a smile, has been nothing less than the default is right Jin Shiyi Jin Shiyi said:.' Sister, that you should believe me? Why do you refuse to promise? 'Gu Zhihua said:' I've been a basket case, Tianshan snow lotus only make me linger, you do not see it? 'Jin Shiyi grabbed her hand and said:' I serve you for life! 'Gu Zhihua tears brimming, it was tears of sorrow, but also tears of gratitude, and that this benefit, she promised Jin Shiyi verge of opening to marry, but she still say that word:' No! 'Jin Shiyi said:' Why! 'Gu Zhihua said:' I have promised Cao senior sister apprentice, this life is a never marry. 'Jin Shiyi said:' Why let the dead we stopped in the middle? 'Gu Zhihua biting his lips and said:' No, I promised earlier Cao senior sister apprentice, that can not change it! World Heritage, will be grateful to you people dead friend, a close friend of trouble, though the body is off, since to see, not to not look into that, still in the corner of the back cover hidden secret place check to listen, So for a while, but nothing happened. Zhang Xu platform off the ground, but could not see the figure above, what do think of two children on top. Later grew more and more strange, to see there is a big laurel opposite walls, platform far apart, may wish to look. Try to stick around past the wall, cover behind a tree, looked up and saw two children actually on the platform, face each other across three feet away, sitting cross-legged, as if Laosengruding, state and even Su village. Only lifted his hands from time to time, each of the palm outward, slowly pushing against each other, this forward to his retirement, endless back and forth, out of which was empty, and they do have a similar kind, ask every distance is always the same. The two sides are poly-chun will of God, the eye does not marginalia, already very serious. Yoshio ecstatic praise. Hyosung day trips did not return. A look into the room,Only four, there are two open up the remaining one out of a dark, Jiang Su and her daughter will be in place within. Outside there is a small room, hidden in the back of the house, and out the other door, not with interlinked. See the word sister spacious house, furnished Ya-chun, lay in bed with makeup and everything are all gorgeous, can not help but smile: 'The owner feeling heavy, everything is already prepared and thoughtful attention to it, refuses the offer solid feel hypocritical, pressing to have innocent owner, this received. ?, dare when it 'Yu wife laughed: a ready-made stuff, not the re-purchase, besides the former Yu Fufu Fuchun and sister had agreed to visit the old aunt would choose auspicious bow, and my husband became brother and sister, both a flesh and blood, where it separated from each other? 'The young girl mournfully:' The sister Ming Bao, David was even Britain. Old age my mother, suffered hard. Self-hate