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toxicity The intense. Rao three are great talent of different people, Seeing the look, mind is uneasy. Could not help but back a few steps, Zhen Fang air will turn into red mist clouds, holding himself flying tens of meters in the air, just stopped. 'You have these ants, that's not a road Lord bullied?' Discount westerly moved his huge body, triangular smugglers stretched toward the front of Jiangji Cheng Leng Heng said: 'Boy, did practice for many years, but still have learn from these hypocrites to the demon slayer. See you but Dragon and Tiger sects, but also with a religious person, this reality will put you on a horse today. The reality is not to back down. 'Jiang Jicheng looking ashen, into prototype folding westerly, the mighty, like a mountain stand in front of their own, like a real general Mist whole body. But although he has refined the late comprehension threshold are yet to come, but after all, is the Lung Fu Shan Ha, repair is not, but it is extraordinary experience, not just this fairy obviously not to be able to deal with, but let the students leave himself so alone to escape, apparently also very difficult to do, let alone in front of the girl was still his favorite. Jiang Jicheng heard his face became pale, suddenly sneered:. '. Everywhere, you do not have to squeeze me I ability is not, is a man, how could leave the beloved woman regardless of the truth,' as the son of the mayor, can be considered a family of children, normally seen infighting do not know how many, lined remarks in the heart of the Division of snow made it justice, but Jiang Jicheng everywhere is crowded but know yourself, let yourself go next plane, In fact, it is not to go. Therefore, a word not only named the hard lined intentions, also the Secretary of snow indicate their mind; let alone let yourself off the westerly Since that go, that he is also a real fear Lung Fu Shan, At least he is a guarantee of life. Threefold, why not. Although only four abilities, but a witch who level it. Faced with hundreds of years of body, at withstood Luo Feile sensitive tongue. Open to her top. Luo Feile almost fell, eyes red, Zhu Lei falling RoadAre the upper and lower age twenty, dressed in skirts and half-naked, as a Buddhist country falls to pieces day ladies! Although they Han Yi-phase complex, all of them are very strong and handsome figure, fascinating and charming, no chill in the snow, Icy Yufu, and mutual Yinghui snow! Led by two girls with particularly charming, apparel and more exclusive, upper body only big breasts lit boxing gold, pearl inlay navel, skirt only cover stocks overcast, soft hair vertical!Xuenv whispered: 'These two women are the first female Tiansheng Duron palace, the high-called , dwarf called off Mimi, Mo Lisha Miller is the daughter of the Master!'They willowy colorful walked over, together even as the Buddha ceremony Houmolisuo said: '!!? Snow Snake Venerable two outsiders became a guide for how the'Xuenv Chen Sheng said: 'We are looking for old Duron something to talk about!'Mo Lisha laughed: 'Holy today to deal with a foreign enemy, another day to talk about two okay?'Xuenv said: '! No before Meng, who came to the blue, we are for it, although the old Duron pool Miller, director, nor undermine the law to accommodate foreign visitors.'Mo Lisha laughed: 'Blue Meng decade ago Tantric naturalization, one of the ten deity-based Palace, Buddhist King Kong is not bad, snow lady also met a few times, how to be an outsider it?'Xuenv said: 'But he destroy the law, without permission from the Central Mountain reentry troublemaker ......' said: 'That is the life of the saint, called him to preach to the Central Plains Road Act, introduced companion, which is the Holy promote the transfer of the teaching industry, how can it be privately from the mountain?'Xuenv angrily: 'Some time ago there are a large number of intruders, then how do you say?'Mo Lisha laughed: 'These people are not bad King introduced companion!'Xuenv angrily: '! Nonsense monsters generation, but also worthy of our companion?'Mo Lisha with smiles and others have dared over. 'Ying Zheng, if you received these devil, withdraw Shushan, I'll wait for you can safely get along, otherwise you killed it today.' Firmament child see Shushan also arrested people who have come to dry, big heart not courage increase, could not help shouting out. 'Well, no guts Villains.' Ying Zheng cold swept the sky child, his eyes flashed a coldness, fleeting, leaving a long shadow in the heart to the sky son could not back a half step. 'If Zhen Fang In this case, I left immediately. But not here today Zhen Fang, Haier I can and endure what?' Ying Zheng sneered. 'Ying Zheng, although there are dozens of respect for the devil to help you, but I'm not a vegetarian, etc., although the enemy could not you, holding you back is a very easy thing. Good luck at the moment has arrived Kunlun reality, as long as you off The disciples, even if you have a big talent, but the trick? 'firmament child suddenly laughed. 'Zhen Fang? I was afraid of him, but as long as the off Kunlun, Shushan, the remaining will be how can I? Let alone reach the Kunlun Zhen Fang can not be. You think I just only do these tricks? If only so , then how can I sweep the Six Nations? You and other qualifications, although good, hard practice to reach the fairy realm, but unfortunately, it is forgotten a word. 'Ying Zheng sneered. 'What then?' Lonely Road heart of a dynamic, an uncomfortable one from the heartAnd over. 'Heaven and Earth benevolent to all things as straw dogs, sage inhumane to common people as straw dogs.' Ying Zheng laughed:. 'This fundamental human world but the Three Realms, air transport is strong, how can you wait for the door to meddle Yung Lonely Road you do not feel up to now, you are moral reinforcements too it? I know the truth, but very high master of magic, this time it has been the fruit of Arhat road. how he did not come ah! That Miaozhen Shenni hands good luck merit artifact even I did not dare look down upon, how she did not come? ' Lonely Road and sky son heard this, could not