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central square of the flag station, empty since the old man frantically shouting Mengpi, but totally can not keep up the pace of wind Du. Du wind coldly looking old man, who came here before the judge made entirely correct. Ancient Warrior difference between a star, it is indeed infuriating power up to four times the difference, can not mean that, along with physical defense and has four times the speed advantage. A star has the advantage of making the old man four times infuriating Du destructive winds, power and sharp claws corpse poison toxic air are significant, in terms of speed, but it is completely inferior to old Du wind. Old man desperately hot pursuit, but a moment the two have been hundreds of laps around the square Jizhuan. Old man unwittingly opened his mouth has gasp for breath. If it is not one hundred carcasses of dead air to kill the endless array of supporting him, I'm afraid in this lure a few minutes to recover, he will be consumed large amounts of wind Du gas, infuriating not following the emergence of the phenomenon. Du wind using a long lost ancient martial art of mimicry] [five birds. Five birds mimicry is the predecessor of five birds step, reportedly created by doctors from the Eastern Han Hua, between the pace imitate bears, tigers, monkeys, deer, birds five kinds of animal movements. Then thousands of years of evolutionary process, continually adding more simulation pace animals, Du wind use, it is intended to mimic the superficial action [step] dragonfly. Even if the old man knew five birds step, he could not catch up with Du wind. Twenty years ago, Joan - Luo Feile onWith her genius computer analysis developed over the biggest advantage of the world's three Warrior. [Thor] Lee cold breath of the most solid, [gun] Xu Yuan tomb hand speed unmatched, as [Independence Day] Du wind, Luo Feile thought computers would have no objection to the reported wind conquering Du sharp attack force. But beyond her expectations, the computer reported was 'speed'! Increased interest in