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.''Thunderbolt' and said: 'Mr. Shen Shen girl to save so many players ...... palace?'Ren indifferent a chuckle: 'The rivers and lakes are so many capable people are not going to save Mr. Shen, Shen girl mention a weak woman, just Zhanger Ye martial arts does not solve anything.''Thunderbolt' blushed, coughed and said: ''Red Band' has tried several times to rescue Mr. Shen, Jing just too many players in the palace ......'Ren shook his head slightly, and said: 'Shen girl who does not expect the arena Rather Than on her behalf, as long as the rivers and lakes do not bother looking for her this weak woman, when necessary, extend a helping hand at her, make her peace arrived, She also satisfied. ''Thunderbolt' ugly little face, after a moment of silence before: '? So how Shen girl going to save Mr. Shen'Mr Yam said: 'As far as I know, Mr. Shen Shen girl intends to eliminate or even bankruptcy misfortunes.'Clap earthquake fire 'Oh,' to 'channel:' I understand, there are a lot of public corruption in this door, and Shen girl long afford, this road might have worked. 'Mr Yam said: 'a weak woman, so the only thing.'Pale man suddenly said: 'My friend's tone, it seems very sympathetic heavy girl?'Mr Yam said: 'It is, of course, all bloody, and no sympathy for Shen girl.'Pale man raised his eyebrows and said: 'My friends have a good one extraordinary ability, why not help the girl to go to Mr. Shen Shen rescue?'Ren indifferent a chuckle: 'Qi Ge flattering, there are so many capable people who are afraid of a given court players on the political arena, my nameless rivers and lakes is not flowingHow much courage, how much ability? 'Pale man sneer:. 'Friend neither the guts, not the ability, in respect of less accusing others.'Ren smiled and said: 'I blame it on what basis there'm blaming others, but ran into a grievance, you make uneven sound, so bite chest Tibetan grievances, speak out only, although inevitably offend people, but I do not care?! Actually insight will not care about me, even if a little unpleasant, he will has a quasi-holy supreme, non-they can be compared. 'I do not know the brothers came to the so-called wide as the child anything?' Dragon faint nod. Sound small, but faint trace of a trace of majesty, in the end is the ancestral dragon sitting position for a long time. With a trace of natural majesty. Wide as the child brow wrinkled, perhaps peers before him, no one ever said so with their words, not to mention forOr his junior sister apprentice. But also know that others now seek only their own sake, the current face of strong self-emerged to smile, and said:. 'Junior sister apprentice may not know, now under army gathered millions of Shanhaiguan Temujin my big week though countless athletes, but but since the horse could not help each other prehistoric Xiongshou momentum. Big Brother mysterious Grand Master of the beasts towards Cang said something Pindao on pro Tianzhushan please junior sister apprentice shot, Meng Hongyun Shishu inform junior sister apprentice in the East China Sea, Xiao Xiong this chase come to the East China Sea. Please also look at the parts of the two junior sister apprentice covenant, retired army millions Xiongshou say. ' Wide as the child looked away, Ao Guang suddenly said: 'go Shanhaiguan, I do not know what His Majesty commanded the ancestral dragon?' Dragon smiled and said: 'illustrates teach'd hit a good idea, let me luck cases before to die. Hmmm. He is saying the beasts out towards Cang. it actually makes me all the Dragon with the past, to someone else to do the horse. This is not afraid of those evil beasts. This is the world where there is such a good thing to Today let them out of the blood, how to manage my future Dragon universal. Ao Guang, let them exceedingly Kenjiro practice, the future use of its own. 'Then a golden forcing air out, suddenly disappeared in the sky among the Dragon. Under Shanhaiguan, Shanhaiguan looked already riddled, Temujin laughed, even opposite the impregnable but how many, but still can not defend themselves millions army offensive. The