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Shentong collusion? French monk off haha ​​laughed: 'Now that I come to you, do not you come to me I put it to you authentic internal strength formulas, you to me, we are good for each other, Bangladesh. Creepy; deal you willing to come to you. This is my second thing, 'Meng Shentong rejoicing like crazy, clasped his hands off the French monk, proud of laughter, do not talk to him again, off French monk?. already know that he is one thousand, ten thousand willingness of. Meng Shentong in ecstasy, mind suddenly thought: 'He is willing to be authentic internal organs Heart and I exchanged, this one was a great benefit to both sides, but this way, my housekeeping skills but also to teach him, His pure internal strength than me, I'm afraid to give him from behind, that got to count my ninth heavy, it may not be invincible, 'but then thought:'! This machineWill absolutely not to be missed, secret magic, as long as the essence of me. Little change deletions, how could he know? Yes, that's the idea! Anyway, you can not let his skills than me. 'Meng Shentong sinuous, thought to himself, his face did not show it, the laughter did not break, sudden, I hear destroy France monk said:' Meng brother, there is a third thing, you want to assure you listened greatly rejoice! 'He Meng Shentong title from' Meng Jushi 'and' Meng Creepy 'and' Meng brother ', is heard more and more affectionate Meng Shentong but Yie, heart and said:.' What could be more worth happy about? 'Notice his life agonizing and unresolved, is how to get the ninth re practice, now suddenly willing to get off the French monk authentic internal organs Heart, exchanging with him, this is a big happy event how he could not think of what else is more important than the law to eliminate the monk said:. 'Meng brother. I first congratulate you! 'Meng Shentong said:' Hi come from? 'Off French monk refused to speak about, slowly, sermon:' I recently had a scene on Mangshan, like you were already aware of? 'Just listen to Ji Xiaofeng Meng Shentong said that he was