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, while the Kangsi Han compliments of five words!Kangsi Han sneered: 'I learned after their plot, is overnight will add two lines engraved on each collar, Department on his name, because their means too mean, I know that even with the side of the story, hard to gain the trust of everyone, is adding his name engraved, so they can not conclusive. 'Miss Tsering surprise, knot knot is authentic: 'You obviously found a whirlwind performance ranch, it deliberately engraved name?'Kangsi Han sneered:? 'I believe that if you want to get everyone, just put that spin on the line to erase the word, why bother with the Department on his name it, I do so, is to make your own admission conspiracy, no way conclusive. 'Wu Tsering cried: 'Why should we framed How about you?'Kangsi Han said: 'You know that I want to give you these jewels, afraid I will therefore get everyonePartial to her. with doors are silent, and Jin Shiyi but patience is poor, suddenly back laughing three times, came out and said: '! I guarantee she' Cao Kinji said: 'Who are you, you dare me to intervene in this door thing, 'Jin Shiyi said:'? Yes, I was an outsider, but you injustice, I have to speak up, 'do not let you bully a lonely woman! 'Having said Cao Kinji laughed again and said:.' What are you laughing? How can I being unfair? 'Jin Shiyi said:' I laugh at you as a faction head, but there is no experience! 'Cao Kinji whole body trembled with anger battle, awaiting been rushing attack Jin Shiyi said:.' Knight Valley lakes are friends when he said: parents guilty, innocent baby. She left the parents in infancy, Meng Shentong do things, do not you should blame to her body? That three-Shaoyang Xuangong tips. She could have hidden, she was handed over to you, and let you go deal with her father's student body, this and other efforts, you still endure blame her? Just think, if not this three-Shaoyang Xuangong tips which you play too Meng Shentong? 'Cao Kinji rage, shouted:' You're crazy beggar notorious, actually dared to accuse me of being unfair? Today, horse medicine, perhaps there is hope, then called into governance. Polar heart that give the child back Fuan a while ago, he took some herbal decoction gavage down, less than an hour it self turn, spit a little sputum, ask for diet. Xing's family since the annihilator respect as the guest of honor, steadfastness people repairing clothes, arrange accommodation. Polar has not and will not take, but said:. 'I am not a man for money money laundry Yigai these things do not just say you want to count the words go, otherwise unrelated to me, and he repeated this disease, I like not difficult live, and I do very busy, this should now be taken away, but this time the kids just go on with me, say that you will not illuminate human worry and stay at home resting, do not give him to eat meat, and I come back every other month brought him good. 'Afterwards, since the door. Xing Jian family stay, no longer chasing a trace, known to be different people rescued. Xing flying squirrel because of the enemy party is quite capable, able to attract the hope that several elders, almost in place, and also on behalf of about a few unexpected characters come. For enemies. Have been enough to cope. These rivers and lakes friend, although there are some people in the martial arts, less nice, can only help a little prestige, people seem much. For such a situation, like to spend at home, you really want to appearances, more than half of the people are not rivals, I do not know the severity of a forced early, ask for it, and gave the owner a disgrace Tim annoying. And when peace years, easy swagger, many wrong. Friends helpless as his love life, and some very close relationship, and some are attracted to would like to make, nineteen Shengyi earnest, really from thousands of miles away to catch a come, and how the nerve to refuse? The trust has had to face friend friendship generation prestigious Masters, excellent reception ceremony, several people into the future: some as tourists in the past, live in sub-inn;Some sojourn in the distance . But can not do anything. Chaos bell repression obscurity. Today, a little to the suppression of monks. Is a fairly simple matter. 'Humph!' Suddenly I heard the sound of the Zhen Fang Lengheng to ears. Chaos seems to have a godFried in his head like manner. Zhen Fang pale. Soul shaking. As if in front of a blood-red color emerged. 'Dangdang!' Chaos bell barely launched, a powerful sonic waves hit the gas surrounding the wicked and wild roar straight on, into a ferocious beast only, bursts of howling sound. At that moment, whether it is wind or Zhen Fang Jin Choi, as if tens of thousands of years is too general, barely hold their own stature, Kim Bi wind not neglect, and quickly withdraw flash in the past towards a space, in the hands of twelve large streamers are awaiting several days mythical give all loaded into it. Suddenly ear is chaos bell a few times, then an atmosphere of desolation chaos blowing wind Choi Jin fled after looking toward the past, was surprised to find a huge Zhen Fang printed on the back, and Zhen Fang deadpan, empty eyes, but his hands are among a group holding blood, the same color space and the color and seal their own teacher. Jin Choi, the wind seems to be thought of something. Like crazy, jump into a mysterious location, while behind him, a carnage not into space. After a while the sound of rumbling, many of which fall into the golden light. Between the faint, you can hear the sound of a few sound unwilling sky. The air leaving a tightly luck pale face reality. 'Romania was amazing ah!' Tianzhushan hall on the good fortune, Zhen Fang pale, there are trace of color between the eyebrows, circled, as if the bone is not usually covered. Although Zhen Fang With the all-day Shensha large array of both days of the mythical body and blood trace of Pangu, Pangu experience reinforces the seal, but their loss is not too small. 'Master, you call the disciples? Ah! You injured?' A soft voice called out, Zhen Fang glanced nodded to those skirts fluttering white, tall and graceful,