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are still underwater Jiujiang underwater, underwater Dongting and Poyang six underwater underwater, etc., among which six underwater, now occupy most of innocent people, Tang Wen stage Mist as ink, normally sound of early breakthrough in Guikulanghao underwater ban, even worse, such as Dongting underwater, ghosts sometimes actually break through the surface of the lake, some of the boats dragged into the lake, countless dead. veteran venture to ask His Majesty to go, the degree of innocent people, but also I Yangtze River Water House tranquility. ' Zhen Fang heard hearts delight, his face very lightly, the channel: 'I was never born a hundred years long Yangtze aquarium numerous casualties, as the door interrupted Victoria today, can not be reached on a day to listen worth mentioning, the prime minister, I will. as you go one worse. rescueI aquarium a pulse. 'Old Turtle overjoyed, hastened ordered the whole of the guards of honor, Zhen Fang looked in the past, but it is a dragon chariot, but did jasper, inlaid with a fist on the provision of large drops of water, and pull the chariot is nine white puffer, surrounded really what pure aquarium led thousands of soldiers, security guards around Zhen Fang Fang Chen has recruited a chariot to sit on the old turtle old turtle moved to tears, trembling climb up. So the army before starting toward Dongting Lake from. 'The old prime minister, you see I aquarium numerous casualties, is what reason?' In the end there are thousands of miles of the road, and how to highlight the Dragon pure style, not fast forward, helpless under Zhen Fang, also had struck up a conversation with the old tortoise. Old turtle head down, calmly said: 'Your Majesty, really speaking, and have a great relationship Terran hundreds of years ago, I stayed in the river in the aquarium can be free, but the past century, due to. Tianwei disappeared the door, one family gave up their own practice, and turn to the external development, called the technology, more and more advanced technology, the