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unhappy, but, Qi Ge, if it is rushing the whole 'Red Band', I You're welcome to say, I will never let that two out of 'Fu Ji inn', 'Red Band' is what kind of organization, I may not understand, Qi Ge, but does not know. 'Pale face while the red man, while white, but could not say a word.'Clap plaque fire' his face embarrassing, would rebuke him a stare pale man go.Mr Yam said the words: 'Zhanger Ye, I told you, so that these words did not mean to make you to help regulate punish his disciples, not fun to have a few young people, as long as Zhanger Ye Fair tell you cry uncle, the future multi-constraint 'Zhangjiakou' these 'Red Band' brother, is enough. ''Thunderbolt' slowly said: 'My friends, family rules, state law of the land ......'Mr Yam said: 'Zhanger Ye, really say it, that the two did not violate the 'Red help' to help gauge Zhanger Ye take what you want to punish him two, 'Red Gang' to help regulate and does not expressly provision disciples not to spend money to have fun, is not it? 'Zhanger Ye said: 'This ......'Mr Yam said: 'His two only fault, is not it clear where this training hoot meal, after the bundle is enough to pay more.' Let him say good things, bad things also let him say, this person exactly how personal?Pale man can not help the fact that he looked puzzled look, 'Thunderbolt', too, Xuan Xuan eyebrows, said: '? Friends to see Zhang's brother, is to be so'Ren nodded, smiling, said: 'Yes, the poor girl was heavy enough, and hope 'Red Gang' brothers do nextFind her trouble. ''Thunderbolt' and said: 'This friend assured that in the future a little trouble Shen girl again, as long as the 'Red Band' disciples dry, friend, you are the only person I asked Zhang is.'Ren Bao Quan said: 'Thank you Zhanger Ye!' Leaving two children made money, go.'Thunderbolt' Reaching a bar, said: 'Hold on, friend, Shen girls want to go to Beijing, and that it is not self-cast jaws of death?'Mr Yam said: 'Shen girl this trip is very dangerous, but since Mr. Shen is now difficult, she as a child, can not seek rescue Jishou, wide as the child knew both mysterious and cloud neutron ** division just two borrowed injustice in my mind, to help cut their own evil dead, from into the column quasi holy moment and quickly thanked the two, side to consolidate their Daoxing go. The other fairy seeing, even with the mind also very pleased 'Thank you brothers and Young to help.' Wide as the child face a hint of shame color. If not just mysterious Grand Master capitalize on the trend, wide as the child will be unwilling to give all the hearts released from neutron cloud to gather supernatural aura around the world thousands of miles wide, was so wide as dangerous sub Rumo. Wide as the child is a genius amazing guy, otherwise, when the Primus could not pick him as a disciple under the door, if not Enlightening Taoist appear wide as the child has long been afraid to teach illustrates the deputy leader. This strong influence over the years also unwilling Road, the heart of the consolidation, to today, illustrates the cloud neutron teach again became quasi saint, but cut the sky fairy taught also have a step further, prompting wide as the child heart fire recurrence, if not today mysterious Grand Master Confucianism door uprightness repression trace Daybreak wide as the child heart has generated leads evil, and took the opportunity to cut out the evil that Daoxing great progress, I am afraid the future wide as the child not only did not succeed chopped corpse possible, there may be the soul of extra-territorial demons swallowed. Mysterious Grand Master shook his head and said: 'Although you have become quasi-saint, but I'll wait for the Wu family against still not sure, are now only in accordance with the neutron cloud Young said, the first to meet the six years to say it! Haier familiar Earthly their large array, can not neglect the rest to his disciples when the enemy can take the opportunity. 'Immortals not neglect, quickly listen to explain the mysteries of the cloud neutron large array. The next day, the East Jin Wu rises, sprinkled on