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give you use Shushan Zhenshanzhibao..' Zhen Fang took a peak and from the arms, the hands and Qi Shu Ming said: 'In the past twelve mountain home has three continents, which was Dai Island mountains, can be replaced Ningbi cliff, enough to stand as your fundamental gate. 'Grand Master Xuan surprised face, think that the domestic three mountain twelve continents but a little chaotic debris Pangu year after the opening of the world, no less than heaven where Reiki than Ningbi Cliff did not know how many times better. 'Thank leader, thank Shishu ancestors.' Qi Shu Ming heard, the hearts of surprise, he certainly knows the meaning of Zhen Fang, can replace Ningbi cliff, and bestowed magic, that Shushan Ming Qi Shu Ming hands again rebuilt. Gassan Samsung oblique hole, quasi-mentioned Taoist is to explain the Monkey King's Road, in order to consolidate his quasi-holy mid Daoxing. The leader of the hand by the nether kill Zhantan merit and gilded Buddha Lohan, completely cut it up so that the Monkey King fighting over the BuddhaIncarnation of the mid to master to become quasi-holy, quasi mention Taoist mind naturally pleased, in his view, sandalwood Buddha merit though meritorious, but in the end their low mana, although sometimes deal with the generation that heresy, but added some role, but in the end is not on the table to the guy, though Buddha, the Buddha is how much combat did not, and now Once upon a turbulent, yet more powerful combat such a Monkey, Daoxing also profound Buddhist Dharma, the Buddha than a Zhantan merit merit such a person much better. As a few people such as Pig year pilgrimage is not calculated into the quasi-mentioned Taoist, and for him, and those who have not the slightest difference ants, although they are also Western Buddhist sects. 'Wukong, you know why I spent so much of the air force, the loss of so many Buddhist masters to Shushan income central whirling world?' Quasi-mentioned Taoist quickly restore calm. 'Rise of the Witch door yet, I have to face the Western Buddhist to let grandnephew Wudang leave?'Yan Mufei nodded and said: 'Yes, I am at all, be sure to bring your majesty reach a safe place!'Jianwen said: 'Since you do not agree grandnephew long stay Wudang, that grandniece on ......'Just listen to the sound of a burst of rapid walking pass over.Jigang Wang Jianwen immediately turn and said: 'Go and see who is?'Ji Gang promised soon also did not move, walking into the room door has been sound, immediately voiced speech sounded a trail outside porter boy: '! Intrinsic less donor, Guro asked to see.'Jianwen hesitated, busy: '! Have requested'That boy answered the door trail away.Jianwen Wang Yan Mufei turn and said: 'Uncle, do you think this is ......Yanmu Fei said: 'There are certainly a big deal!'Jianwen nodded and said: 'I went to the Yingying.'He just stood up, the yard has sounded a nimble and stable walking sound.Yan Mufei followed stood up, Jianwen toward the door, opened the door Ji Gang busy on his behalf.Door, 'Wudang Guro' in the last one walked to, respectful Jishou said: '! Dare to work, the less donor greeted Pindao polite'A shallow Jianwen a ceremony, said: 'I was in difficulty, and Guro do not have much ceremony, come sit Treat!'Guro another bow, and said: 'Pindao Yes, sir!'Moving into the cloud room, toward Yan Mufei another Jishou.'Pindao seen Yantai Xia and discipline donor!'Yanmu Fei Ji Gang both answered with a ceremony.Yanmu Fei said: 'nine old sit down!'Nine Road: 'thank Yantai Xia, Pindao not sit, Pindao Feng Ling Yu palm to teach, especially to an audience less donor there are events report it, please little donor decide!'Yanmu Fei said: 'It is urgent to be big!'Nine Road: 'Yes, it was coming down the mountain.'Jianwen busy and asked: 'nine old people?'Guro shook his head and said: 'Pindao do not know, just know that this was a valet.'Jianwen Yaran said: 'valet ......' EXTRAORDINARY SPLENDOUR flash heads, said: 'It seems someone to Ouchi!'Nine Road: 'Yes, Yantai Xia, Sheng Jia visit Wudang!'Ji Gang face changed, said: 'He came, he came to do?' with the knife, Jude does not know how to adapt one thousand two, attack fast, lost something else, cut to the sixteenth knife, he could hear the rain Chi Chi, the two gave pierced a hole in the wrist! Although they cut a sixteen knife, but it is just dazzling effort, Cao Kinji within this time, the only French monks blocked off a move, I would see these two Young defeated down Youjingyounu, insurance insurance law to destroy monk Tieguai hit. French monk off haha ​​laughed: 'You called third-generation disciple Mangshan faction, not even my apprentice beat, this door would be too careless martial arts, you still have the nerve to do the head man?' To cicadas This is a result of a monk who gave Mangshan If not, then send out clean, it should be regarded as the two officers sent Mangshan fourth generation disciple, when talking about seniority, in their Shishu duo Jo. Although Bai Taiguan martial arts but due to the division of the mass generation, sequence analogy, the result is the same as Bai Taiguan Tusun apprentice, but in the end the two nominally in Furs is a long one generation, the elders lost juniors, lost in the martial arts is the most decent thing. Yu Qiu two angry Qiqiaoshengyan to their skill is concerned, the two officers could have won onlySuited to their blade, causing defeat in, it was very worth, but they sent in a few but Mangshan master, in the martial arts is quite position, they lost to division as Shishu nephew, and if so would not give in, then go up the challenge, it is not only the loss of dignity, and is borders on rogue. So angry, although they also had nothing. Big sense of hesitation in Mangshan sent the disciples, I do not know who is going to send another occasion, the two officers on Lv Siniang mound again in a few shovel down a dirt Yizhong Mu shouting 'backwards, backwards!' Struggling up In the hands of his apprentice snatched edged Tiechi, they came to be hard. He had just injured, Mangshan faction battles with the door will he let him have a few people stopping him, elderly, how you do not catch ah.' Coachman turned two old man, his mouth wide openBut he did not speak. Huasheng sweet car and said: 'The elderly, if I tell you it.' Coachman old man still did not react. HUO Di, Julian opened, the car stuck a cloud first cicada, so beautiful in a big girl, she is a girl Yu Shuang. Yu Shuang how people, one can understand, and her face changed, stunned and shocked, but looked up to see the vehicle in front, the car left, the right car, empty, silent, no one figure, who is under murderous? Yu Shuang knew was wrong and she Jiaoqu flash, the whole people sprang out of the car, the man has just landed, she looked fierce earthquake, after the car, close to the car, followed by a man. This man is a lanky white people, he, a veiled woman Qingsha only two transmission hole piercing eyes, people can not see the face. Yu Shuang blurted drink and asked: 'Are you ......' White man stopped suddenly thrust step, said: '? But you Guo girl' Yu Shuang one nodded: 'Yes, I was Guoyu Shuang, you are ......' White people Lengran a chuckle: 'Guo girl really forgetful.' Raising his hand Chequ masked veil. Yu Shuang hush raising his hand, exclaimed aloud: 'Amanda, are you ......' What is not, is pretty eyes, but she looks terrifying this time, really nerve-wracking. Guo Yuzhu cold a chuckle:. 'Rare girl recognized me.' Yu Shuang said: 'Amanda, how could you?' Guo Yuzhu cold authentic: 'I have nothing wrong, why can not I?' Yu Shuang said: 'Amanda, how are you, and why for me ......' 'Guo girl,' Guo Yuzhu said: 'One thing you have to understand that I have not before Guo Yuzhu up.' Yu Shuang said: 'Amanda, you words ......' Guo Yuzhu kerf said: 'Let me ask you one, suddenly renowned for me, what do you feel?' Yu Shuang without hesitation, said: 'happy, happy nature, that surprise and excitement ......' she spoke, she really tears. Guo Yuzhu turn a blind eye, apathy was afraid, and said: 'Why are you scared?' Yu Shuang said: 'I did not expect to meet you here.' Guo Yuzhu said: '