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step, light, said: '! Caomin into rivers and lakes.'Silk man grunted, said: '? You're 'Yulong US Hawker' rivers and lakes.'Yanmu Fei said: 'It is.'Silk humanity: 'I have always secluded Ouchi the emperor, but heard so much about you!'Yanmu Fei said: 'Thank you, I quite Rongchong!'Silk humanity: 'You can just sit, my emperor very easygoing.'Yanmu Fei said: 'Thank you, I used to stand to speak.''How?' Silk humanity: 'Do not you sit?'Yanmu Fei said: 'Yes.'Silk were silent for a moment, and said: 'Ye, I stand to talk to you ......'Paused, then said: 'You allow representatives of stew?'Yanmu Fei did not speak.Silk humanity: 'I ask you, then!'Yanmu Fei said: 'I heard.'Yanmu Fei said: 'You can talk to me back, but not carrying Jianwen speak!'Silk man 'Oh!' To cry and said: 'Sure enough, they did wrong, your great courage, unlike the ordinary people.'T it! ' Jang Nara also laughed: 'Yes, yes, die, I hear you also have our ancestry now see you both say the Chinese with their mother tongue, but also so see how nervous outside, come here just to your own home!. as well. ' Felicity and I looked at each other, I nodded, and then the two of us in unison: 'The aunts and uncles good!' 'That right thing!' The President and his wife both smiled and replied in unison also. 'Come on, drink!' The President took the bottle to give me full on. I suddenly thought of his old show off in front of the President, so I said: '! Uncle, or I come.' 'Ok!' Laughed Chairman big laugh:. 'This is the sound of rushing you uncle, you pour the wine uncle did the whole' Jang Nara shook next President, apparently dissatisfied with the President going to shout down a little plan. President took to the bottle fed, I have not pouring. After seeing President puzzled look, I said: 'This wine is really rare uncle, more than two hundred years now Jianiang too little, drink a bottle of small bottle ah!' President lookin smile and nodded to me more satisfied, after alcohol alone can determine out of the year, not many people, if any, must be people dwarf priest's shoulders by its sword thorn tree, the clothes in a split, little drops of blood. See that tall fellow monks distress, promptly issued two record Pikong Zhang, Feng Lin body floating, time can not be sustained, and the second sword will no longer issue, but alsoAs the priest fell to earth. The strange thing is, that the priest's shoulder short sword, blood spots, such as beads, dolphin off, but his face piece of leaf, being swept along by Feng Lin, his face leaves a dent, but still no Bansi blood, Lin Feng heart of a dynamic, sneer, said: 'So are you two old fool monsters here can mystify scary Tang Taixia sword mercy, I can not forgive you!!' It turned out that the two but one man in yellow old partner, that dwarf priests Road turtle hiding child, that tall monk is originally a Huseng to China after taking a Chinese name, Buddhist Dao An. Turtle hiding child born in the Taoist 'Bao Pu School', this school of Feng Lian Jin Ge Hong Danshi as founder, pay attention to alchemy, adoption, Alchemy: heterodoxy operator inserts the like, in Taoism status is very low, turtle possession Sub frustrated in the Central Plains, then flee beyond the Great Wall, to be in the vicinity of open cases Rikkyo Mongolian and Tibetan, Mongolian and Tibetan area but is Lamaism sphere of influence, he could not stand the foot, as it happens Yi Road Safety assassination child touch came from Mongolia to spend, but also want Shoutu temple in Mongolia, then two deep phase knot satisfied, injured seven red teach master Lama. Big red king sent his disciples to the teachings of the Tianshan to help Tang Xiaolan, Tang Xiaolan a King's sensibilities to it, but, secondly, he also have learned that the two men made a lot of bad things along the Mongolian and Tibetan, then resolutely down the mountain alone to attend the meeting, With Long sword and Tianshanshenmang, with these two battles the devil for a whole day, and finally cut off the turtle hiding Longjian child left ring finger, with the Dao An Tianshanshenmang shot. Since