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pioneer in the palace proper, but unfortunately, although this person versed in the art of war, there Takeo. But only a mortal, not capable of any pioneer, to the later use of the Rebels, really powerful and extraordinary, basically invincible. But where is that such a person Rebels easy to get. But today, but no one thought to ask Yang met a person can do pioneer, joyful hearts. Quickly out of the Tianzhu Mountain. Towards Cuiyun from. I saw the mountain with stone bone, stone works of fine soil. Run haze containing places. Xinqing help moss. Saga potential bully Song Peng Island, a quiet sea of ​​flowers if Ying. Qiao few tree habitat Ye, several strains Cui Liu Ying Shan language. It is true that the Millennium monuments,Upload Oz. Biwu Ming Fung, running water hidden dragon. Labyrinth Piper dill hanging, stone staircase Tenggepanlong. Ape Xiao Cui Yan Xin month, the robins high tree hi skies. Two shady rain forest of bamboo, a path not spend concentrated embroidered velvet. When the clouds come see Yuanxiu, slightly indefinite Diffuse wind. Yang asked drifts towards Cuiyun went from banana hole. Arrived banana hole, was surprised to find a beautiful woman holding a palm-leaf fan, right hand holding a powdery Yuzhuo kid, look reluctantly. Perhaps this moment know the child is a pioneer of the Gods teacher said, joyful hearts, slowly falling cloud head, walking toward the two. 'Who are you?' The guy asked Yang line to see the color guard's face look, hands out a spear, the Fire Dragon flow gunpoint, destroyed a powerful breath out now. Mating see Yang asked smile on his face, presumably not a deceitful man, quickly pull the little guy, his face slightly embarrassed color, said: 'Quanzai rude, but please Sin long indulgences, I do not know where long cents practice, to teach what I Cuiyun? ' 'Pindao Tianzhushan real good luck subglottic disciples asked Yang is also! Bong teacher of life, please visit Tianzhushan a junior sister apprentice Syria.' Yang asked presumably knew that this woman was the know the real clever than this Grand dash ...... 'Nangongyixiong darkened hum:. 'Zhuo adult is charged with certain skill, so it door demonstrations, I cut down the text word Mr. Fort two fingers.'Zhuoshao Fu laughed and said: 'The Jazz explanation for a long time, how do Santo still bear a grudge.The Jazz sole property of the original without injury, persevering that Mr. Owen export rude, curse to this Jazz does not matter, but not the Ruji Highness, The Jazz had no choice, apply a thin prestige to its spacious Jingzhi crime Moreover sword emperor always rely on technology self-esteem, if this is now a skill Jazz, I'm afraid not so gifted ceremony Santo treatment yet. 'Nangongyixiong sullen said: 'Kusano China World Youth marriage with the emperor, this is a matter of great glory, but Zhuo adults deceptive door a bit too much insult sword city ......'Zhuoshao Fu talk a chuckle: 'say say, though not in the arena of the Jazz, but also know how to act in the political arena, we do not reveal if a few hands, so how can we make the best of Santo Richmond hospitality ......'Palace Siu Hung Heard sank his face, almost want to attack, but his father ever do here, not too presumptuous, but added Nangongyixiong's attitude is very calm, a slight chuckle: '? I ask Zhuo adults, who this is.'This reckless man flown rhetoric, making also a little embarrassed, his face slightly red and said: 'Do not take offense Santo, who is the oldest large Qin palace fencing teacher and Nestorian high priest, large Qin theocracy, priests mostly filled by the aristocracy, is not too familiar with the customs of China ...... 'That Daqin fencing master brows wrinkled loudly: 'This, it seems that some adults owe Zhuo Tong:' open country and your country, although things around, but the prestige of the royal family are equally sacred, are not allowed by a little offended, if an ordinary people can reject the emperor's request,Imperial majesty that? Why should so much trouble, alone in my hands a sword, but also early enough to catch you all