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Unexpectedly edge unfinished world, love the endless tube into the mountains several years has no big deal, though the old name hidden, the new name also Forte. Because he has a last name unknown, rivers and lakes are hidden Xiao Jun said he did, in fact, two real one. Conscience move for good, sympathetic regret Taiwanensis cloud wins, delayed so far, Rexia Qianchan better. You have not yet born when he retired, will not fully conscious, go ask your mother, knowing the ins and outs. Then your father was killed, as I have a two on the side, it will not spin so bad law. Then we have to believe, and already no. 'This years, not to forget Siyou, seen as passers-by. Your mother a strain gauge extraordinary wisdom, more interested in the section, determined Orphans, so pro-female Shouren Fu Chou, rather ten salary guts, suffered tiring, not to outsiders for help, irrelevant to the enemy for her stupid, even I have two days of the door and the old folk regarded believed the rumors. I thought no one your father behind, the other with Morohito I also have a little friendship, nor Yongshou, only made it difficult to both doom and about the same to start with, a few Ling public places are not for my generation, he was recognized as a low plead guilty harder suddenly wretched. You most heart burn, for Chousi years, Lu Yu happened to him last year, the day the door of the old folk wild horse dust, he found an apprentice collected in previous years, not scandalous Yu son, your father is actually genetically related, this can only be ask your sister justice: ugly child is named Tian Xiang own mother, giving birth to death by wild horse preservation dust with subsistence Dan, after the children have closed ranks rise not goodbye, and later committed suicide? They learned clues. 'Yu family has a cousin named Zhou Ding, Tao Shibo's also your door. I wonder if you do this, because the Soviet Union and a half scoop pseudonym Wu Hou Shao Dusou for manslaughter, dark protect orphans, inadvertently met recently, and I suspect he there are so thick fog ah?' Oriental male was found this time the museum is actually a group of strange shrouded in fog. 'Probably River City by the river, so there is this fog it!' A cool and bright voice. Everyone looked after in the past, but found a look handsome young male standing in the east, soulful eyes are looking at the Division of snow, motionless. 'Oriental white, jump you are Wulin Shi family, actually did not find that there is nothing strange mist place it?' Lined eyes can not wait to spray a cloud of sparks. He knew that the Oriental white, then a trio with the Secretary SnowPerform a task, they both fell in love with this beautiful woman, called the death a rival. Oriental White heard that when it is found that the museum was really masking a group of strange fog, nor by handsome face flushed. One up, simply have to look at the Division of snow, where there is great attention to these. 'An group, this group fog?' Oriental male frowned asked. Fog obscured, on the offensive side is extremely unfavorable. Enron shook his head, suddenly smiled and said:.. 'Although the fog, but for each other are the same here, after all, they are impossible to use thermal weapon with us, eat with hands oriental martial arts, the old rules, help us to kill, I can help you freight. But this time you've made a big profit on a cash cow is not sinking money can buy to. 'oriental male nodded museum all day he would send inquire before. 'Ah!' 'Ah!' Museum heard screams constantly, night, hear very loud. As soon as they heard the screams, Enron's frowned deeper and deeper, good long while screams disappeared without a trace. Oriental male suddenly sighed, and said: 'Good powerful ninja, these terrorists did not even have time to put the gun, it killed up.' 'At least there are three hundred of the few.' Enron also exhaled. 'Good trick Guiyi hand in hand ah! Zhenwu seven superb cut makes the sword by his.' Enron exclaimed. 'Wudang to force humanely, some really extraordinary.' Enron also clapped and said: '