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Daoshi, retain the majority. The end result, but it is the last remaining Dao Shi Du laden wind, knife pixia Radial head. Du wind today is not even the best in the world when the Warrior, but not the Radial spades 5, wanted a mere metal necklace withstand wind Du Daoshi tantamount to breaks against. Spades 5 already die, people around did not spread, but each head exposed a strange look, and gazed at the right hand of Du wind. They did not want to leave, but can not. Du wind right hand clenching countless microscopic eye faint dark lines, the source of dark lines in the hands of everyone from the surrounding Du wind. Du wind light: 'Radial pass it, you are one on one, or together?' -------------------------------------------------- ---- third more came, thank you, by the way recommend a new starting point for the famous writer Xiao Fang Jue, ISBN 1002230 rogue prince surrounded DU wind almost the same time those people who sweat profusely. 5 of spades is not a person, but a group. The attack from the outset is a trap, a group of people surrounded the DU wind up, followed by one of them to succeed, let Du wind mistaken 'empty' only one person to climb five spades. When Du wind 5 to wrangle with spades, and the remaining people took the opportunity to attack Yang shot zero, start is no longer trapped in the liver, kidneys and lungs, but from the eyes to the toes everything, give this little girl is almost torn crushed. As long as the little girl who received organs, it can be used to blackmail Du wind, thereby suppress Du wind action. Them through the 'Pirates of the technology' has been cast out of gas trapped Yang zero, completely caught up the body organs Yang zero. DU do not know when the wind is also aware of, like magic to them to release gas from Yang's body out of the collective zero, control in their own hands. An 'empty' trembling and said:'No, we are at the entrance to the city to steal the wallet, you did not even sense that you can not be aware of what time we shot.' Du wind bomb the seduce her. Jin Shiyi heard this, how can he not angry? And Wu, Chung accompanied three men, suddenly heard WuDing ball called out, 'Jin Shiyi' name, were shocked, Lin Sheng asked: 'Wu brother, this is known as the World Gold murderous mad beggar on the lakes left it. 'He wanted to come:? Jin Shiyi big name first, at least if it was a middle-aged man, just think of a twenty-year-olds. Wuding fairway:!! 'It murderous mad beggar, so such unreasonable hum, hum Jin Shiyi, in other places you can run wild in this Mangshan foot, not your place to someone else's fiancee wildly you lessTwo now! Then have that clear, so let your way? 'Jin Shiyi eyes doubled, drunk on the Bay, doing all the sudden cry, staring WuDing Ball said:' The dog mouth long no ivory, you are not living in stinking mud want to taste? 'Wu set the ball back three steps, relies on the backing of the people boldly shouted:.' How dare you? 'Jin Shiyi laughed and said:' Well, look at you today is to give Lv Siniang mangshan veteran Shangfen copies, do not come, Wuding ball just scold mouth, the wine suddenly see the waves coming, quickly closed, eyes ear nose and mouth, but had already poured the wine, Wu was given the ball again who does not drink, Danjue Youla smelly, then think this is coming from a mouth spray Jin Shiyi, at once stomach spills, even overnight rice all vomit out. Jin Shiyi back laughing, Wu set the ball in front of outsiders, how may be able to get this tone? Sword scabbard, pull a Jianhua, Jin Shiyi distraction to have thorns, Chung exhibition has also been sounded wine splash of sweating, but not as good as the very WUDING ball, eyes, ears, nose and mouth, never poured, grouped anger dark life, a move 'hawk', and Wuding ball almost simultaneously shot. Chung Show short distance, find the correspondence after a relative latecomer, Tian Jin Shiyi know his sword has a bit of heat, they do not dare to underestimate the enemy too, the moment will Tieguai wave, with a five percent real power, the Chung exhibition sword burst open hand