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matter. But he issued the whip, but it is not, only to hear the sound deleted his whiplash has been cut three inches shorter. That surnamed Han's even worse, he found his hands red sand of effort, a Zhangpi go to his skill is concerned, it can at least beat the soup crooked tip Chung show, and if so to Bailiang Ji Jian Chung's show bullwhip wrap, this beat him in real, but you can also make Chung Show immediately fainted! But he could not imagine that once gave whip Bailiang Ji Zhong Xiaoduan exhibition, more could not imagine that he issued this beat, well actually no strength, but see Jianguang flash, about two fingers are bloody cut down It was he scaled back quickly, or else the whole hand can give Chung Show next cut. Lisheng Nan had secretly poisoned the drug into an odorless, colorless their teapot, they lay in bed talking teapots precisely placed near a window, Lisheng Nan friends about the size of a blowpipe needles, facing the powder to blow into the spout They did also not aware of. They talk about the middle of the night, of course, some feel thirsty, they drank a full glass. White South Korea after two in the drinking cup of tea, and soon heard outside seem to have a different sound, they came out with the police and found dead companions (in fact, did not die, butWhen they have a flawless scrutinize pulse. ) Prisoners missing, which surprised no trivial matter, and hurried to catch out the search, until they discovered that only show up to meet the enemy Chung, no master in the next, this down the heart. Although they do not know how to unlock the acupuncture points Chung show, but I thought he was able to unlock the acupuncture points vertical, skill Quezen can not be restored, not Shoudaoqinlai? Unexpectedly, the drug under attack just at this time, this drug, when no attack, do not feel, once the attack, immediately tossed five internal organs, very hard, where can come within the family impulsive hair? As a result, they expect just the opposite, not a weakening of its ability Chung show, but . We do not know how to cut it Jinjiao fell down. But also know that there are spiritual treasures probably seize up, it is far from simple things to milk. , That land pressure Taoist see Jinjiao cut fell down, squinting his eyes, could not help but laugh and said: 'Joan Xiao children, you dare to use in front of Lingbao hurt Guaren Guaren uncle, hum, your Jinjiao scissors can be the enemy of my uncle's donghuang bell it? ' Everyone heard heart of a dynamic, secretly wondering said:. 'It does not ring as early as late donghuang bell does not ring, but why in heaven Joan fairy use scissors when Jinjiao rang, shot down in one fell swoop will Jinjiao scissors to do then east Wong still preserved a hint of soul in this building donghuang bell, so, say, maybe this donghuang minutes to fall in the hands of the land pressure Taoist. ' 'It's funny, when the land pressure Taoist shameless, today it seems, but not for thousands of years, when the land pressure Taoist more contemptible.' Crowd, but also gave bloomer then cut despise how to teach myself, see land pressure a proud look, came to help but stop, sneered. See allLarge odd, so many people, there are incompetent known bloomer also came to the station, how not surprised. That land pressure Taoist dough is redness, Once upon a time, across this guy call himself a teacher, and now actually scolded himself shameless. Aunt really can endure, uncle can not tolerate. 'You're not yet have a large Luo into the realm of the fee is also to accuse Guaren firewood?' Sneered land pressure, took a yellow gourd, Hulu Kou alignment bloomer, I saw on top of that emerged two white gourd , as if a pair of white of the eye to people, spooky, horror incomparable. That bloomer saw that yellow gourd body emerged, his face pale hint of color, when he himself had been used in this matter, even such a big demon fox photos are not wrong to kill, not to mention that he was a mere fairy gold a. Moment and quickly waved his right hand, took a small triangular flag, but it is Xinghuang Qi