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Mrs. White said: '? Can you tell me why do you want to escort her?'Mr Yam said: 'I just said, just as a righteous word.'Mrs. White said: '? Only a righteous word, at the fire and water, who can say 'Desert Dragon' is the Pirates only stupid stupid good officer.' Meal then said: 'I know you are as a righteous word, I was asked the man what is worth ...... 'Mr Yam said: 'I can not forgive Red girl said, This man is completely secret to Beijing, she changed her name, and for a name, and even change her identity, or simply so that she could not enter the capital.'Ms. Bai Yaran said: 'What is this, Is she´╗┐An officer who committed? 'Mr Yam said: 'Matters of others, I can only tell so much red girl.'White Lady silent moment, suddenly smiled and said: '? Well, I do not ask, I already know that you leave the desert, go north with the team, but you know why I come to you in the team.'Mr Yam said: 'I can not ask, do not dare to ask.'Mrs. White said: 'I want to tell you, because I was afraid of what the two of us had come to a place of conflict.'Ren eyes of a condensate, said: 'Red girl words ......'Ms. Bai said: 'I am so into the team, the half of the children is to want to see you; the other half is for a child thing.'Mr Yam said: 'There are pieces of rare treasure.'Ms. Bai beautiful eyes opened, and said: 'You know?'Mr Yam said: 'I was listening to Luosan Ye said, according Luosan Ye said Tan Compass told him.'White Lady face changed, said:. 'So, Tan Compass also know fox was amazing'Mr Yam said: 'Tan Compass really is a shrewd character, he can always catch for Zhili, no fluke.'White Lady nodded his head and said: 'Yes, my other half children come, as it were indeed a rare treasure, the two bitches, one pretending paralytic, one at Tiaoqing hue, robbed the Wan destroyed all children, I thought that something fell on his two hands, I could not understand him two kind of despicable tactics, so I killed them, but then I know I made a mistake, and that things are not destroyed in that Wan children hands ...... 'Paused and