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quickly salute and said:. 'In fact, it touches Pindao an advantage,' he accounted for so much merit, but also to avoid the world amulet, that's completely point, he really is an advantage. Next to the immortal face is exposed nameless color, there is jealousy. There are ridiculed, there is little of the beholder. 10 Temple of Hades hell incarnate. Of course you can get a hint of merit, may also be able to escape the world Shajie, but would like if Daoxing great progress is impossible. Shajie called crisis, in other words. Also is an opportunity, how much the crisis, will have the same opportunity, so long as the proper calculation, not only can escape Shajie Likewise, it can be great opportunities. Although the town Motoko incarnation Hell 10 Temple of Hades, Shajie might be able to escape, but also lost opportunities. 'Summarizes everything, like the days of hanging, drawing on the ground, emulated in the day, welcome Houtu Goddess!' Immortals loud shout. Have bowed to the ground, afraid to move. Then, more and more concentrated mysterious yellow light, loud noise, as if like a broken egg shell sounds, everyone looked overGo over to the government fleet fall blossoming Golden, ground lotus flower emerged numerous, fragrant nose passage, from birth dense, mysterious gold light among a misty figure emerged, beautiful scene, and slowly emerged appearance come, but to meet as the full moon, when the cherry mouth, eyebrow like mountains, insight into, out of a trace of mercy, not the soil behind the empress is who, but at the moment it is only the soul without a body. And suddenly there came a faint but Fuchu cheers, but it is composed of numerous different voice came in, his face showing a hint of the complexity of people of color. It turned out that the soil behind the empress was born, natural birth induction between heaven and earth, all three realms beings know, because gratitude Houtu Goddess Ende, have worship and screaming, to an enormous conviction came over, along with the influx of gold light of that along the tide. When he sat down beside the fat actually dare to die seize Liu jeep door, Du wind you know, another Mike - Luo Le was born. Du wind suddenly Zuanjinquantou. At this end of the era, the strong can only survive, select the bright side or the dark side, nothing to do with whether or not the strong. From now on, he must prepare for the future soaring again, to be able to pick the person entrusted with the task. Liu fat eyes turn a few turns, actually take the initiative to strike up a conversation Coushang Du Wind: 'Grandpa, you are so powerful, what put that useless crap played like rotten tomatoes, you must be a six-star, not the ancient seven-star Musha it! ' Du wind coldly: 'how, the world's most powerful ancient weapons will only seven-star yet remember twenty years?Nine stars of ancient weapons are not hard to find. ' Twenty years ago? Liu looked at the fat man could not help but secretly Du wind, how to see each other no more than twenty-five, twenty years ago it wanted yet born. But he deserves sinuous, and immediately saw from Du wind almost exactly on that piece of fossilized jacket, flatter and said: 'Grandpa, you must retire from the world for a long time practicing it, and what the seven-star ancient weapons count, even if twenty years ago [Independence Day] Du wind and then the world, nor is your opponent. ' Du wind did not think this guy actually wander up his head, Leng Heng said:. 'If Du wind is still alive, I might be able to tie him to fight it.' 'You are too modest, and I think you just Daomang than Independence Day Shendao cut ......' Here Liu fat suddenly looking pale. He clearly remembered just in time Du wind on Capa had said a word. In front of the tomb had just crawled out like a man, claiming to be 'genuine Independence Day'! Liu fat man in the world, traveled for many years and seen countless high-star ancient weapons, Du wind gas, star ancient weapons will never amount to more than two stars. But even the seven-star ancient weapons, and no one person can have